Weather Manipulation

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Weather manipulation operations sometimes known as geoengineering are carried out by governments around the world to undermine the enemies of the state and bombard them with hurricanes, floods or at times both. The problem with such operations is the government will conduct them without considering at all any possibilities of a catastrophe that affects many people. In fact, these operations are just other tactics to promote the global warming hoax since those in charge claim that all operations are beneficial in cleaning up our atmosphere.

Cloud seeding is a popular practice of geoengineering. It has been utilized for over 75 years to generate snow and rain as a technological means of manipulating the climate and weather. In this specific process of weather manipulation, chemicals such as solid carbon dioxide, potassium iodide, or silver iodide are injected into clouds using rockets; other methods include spraying the mixture into the clouds using aircraft or drones and burning them on top of mountains using generators as well. When all the chemicals are inside a cloud, they freeze to form ice crystals that in turn create snow or rain, which falls to the surface.

Weather manipulation is among the weapons used by the CIA. It comes as no surprise that the agency is engaged in weather modification and control. According to a known climatologist from Rutgers University, Alan Robock, he publicly said in December 2015 that the CIA normally conduct weather experiments and the most notable one was a certain five-year mission carried out during the Vietnam War by American intelligence services. The Americans had an upper hand in their foresight since they commissioned all the military planes to participate in the large-scale cloud seeding operations, which were successful in lengthening monsoon seasons. The CIA also used this tool to bring about scarcity and panic for instance, they induced heavy rains over the entire region in Cuba to paralyze their sugar harvests. The statement from Robock is true and other countries around the globe have followed the same pattern of incorporating weather modification operations as effective weapons, with delivery mechanisms varying from airplanes distributing the chemicals producing rain to exceptional pulse technologies.

One of the most documented weather manipulation operations performed the United States military was Project Cirrus a code name assigned to the mission that happened in October 1947. In this specific experiment, major players partnered up for its success; they were the Army Signal Corps, the United States Air Force, the general electric corporation, together with the office of Naval research. At first, it was a simple trial for modifying a hurricane. A particular storm appeared to be approaching the sea but it later changed its course and caused a lot of havoc to Savannah, Georgia, after the flight of a US military directly into the hurricane. As soon as the aircraft got inside a hurricane, it immediately dropped 82 kilos of dry ice; project Cirrus was to blame for the sudden change in direction afterward. The project was shut down as a result amongst warnings of lawsuits. Nevertheless, all the major government companies were aware of the consequences of their actions to the citizens but they were no steps taken to care for the damages.

The incidents mentioned above prove how weather manipulation operations are so much common right from the early 90s up to date. Major advancements in technology have spread far beyond to an extent that several countries around the globe are considering geoengineering despite its negative effects on many people who are affected when the operations are successful.

Governments that have used geoengineering technologies claim to do so in order to combat climate change and minimize carbon emissions by storing them in the ground. Other similar operations aim at dispersing aerosol particles and sulphuric acid into the stratosphere to avert sunlight so that they can contribute to cooling the planet.

However, in 2010, more than 190 countries approved the United Nations ban concerning the use of climate engineering technology because of the resulting effects on biodiversity. Since the United States was not party to the United Nations framework convention of biological biodervisity in 1992, the government did not uphold the changes in 2010. This ongoing battle between the U.N and the U.S and failure to endorse the ban of large-scale use of weather manipulation controls after the 20110 conventions have raised questions about what this administration might do.

In February 2017, at the public launch of the Carnegie climate geoengineering governance initiative, many questions were brought up regarding the safety of weather manipulation operations for human lives and the environment and how corrupt governments and individuals were meant to benefit from them. For example, China, the largest follower of cloud seeding technology started utilizing the technology in 2008 to keep the rains off at the opening and closing events of the Olympics held in Beijing. Since it was a success, China continued with the operation a year later to counter an extreme drought; the Chinese government purports to have augmented precipitation by a total of 180 billion cubic feet in ten years from 2006 to 2016. The usual drawback is that such operations are not always 100% rewarding. In 2009, when China used cloud seeding to end the drought, the temperatures suddenly reduced and the whole city of Beijing was covered in snow. Subsequently, since it also affected areas outside the seeded area, there were air and road traffic delays. All highways had to be closed and the people in these areas had to cope with the unexpected drop in temperatures.

It is a grave concern when countries continue to control the weather and the climate. Despite weather manipulation operations being carried out by 52 countries all over the world, all-weather geoengineering techniques are risky to human and marine life; the major challenge is the governments promote the technology allegedly to solve the issues mankind has caused like climate change and they also use the operations as an excuse that if carbon emissions are not reduced, it would bring about a sudden catastrophe.