Water Fluoridation

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Water fluoridation or fluoridation of water means the addition of mineral fluoride to water — the practice dates to in 1945 when it was done for the first time in the United States. However, with time, several other countries also adopted the same. With an increase in the number of proponents, the water fluoridation did not get any criticism, and it was hastily adopted as a practice to provide the benefits of mineral fluoride to the general public. Accordingly, it was practised at the government level because of the welfare of the general public fall under the domains of governments. The only rationale for adding fluoride to public water was the benefits of naturally occurring fluoride in water. Nonetheless, no other research work was undertaken to check the feasibility of this process and practice.

Why was it adopted as a practice?[edit]

Water fluoridation was supposed to be as mandatory as vaccination from potential diseases. Mineral fluoride has several benefits. However, the only benefits taken into consideration while implementing this practice was to stop tooth decay mostly among children. There was no other explanation of this process, and the government had turned a blind eye on the issue. The other countries followed the United States, and they also did not do proper research on the potential threats that were associated with water fluoridation. Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance. However, it was artificially extracted to be added in the public water.

The Conspiracy![edit]

Almost 75 percent of Americans get water from community water systems. The public water facilities are the major source of water supply in America. The impact of water fluoridation for Americans is real. The initial experiment for adding fluoride to public water was done without any consensus with the general public or residents of an area. Several studies published in different journals have already described the harmful effects of fluoride on human health. Other than this, water fluoridation is also a part of a conspiracy being hatched by the Russians to overpower the Americans. It has been medically proved that too much intake of fluoride is dangerous for human health. It severely impacts the bones and joints and creates a condition called skeletal fluorosis. Research has shown that water intake with an excessive amount of fluoride can cause nausea and vomiting. These conditions reduce the will power of human beings because they feel tired, and they do not want to move an inch to do any work. Furthermore, the findings of different researchers have shown that fluoride is connected with lowering of IQ level. These findings are directly related to the Russian conspiracies, which they had hatched to subdue Americans. It is a strong indication of the fact that Russians want Americans to become their slaves. Therefore, they applied this tactic to poison Americans for slow and gradual death. Not directly, but somehow, the excess of fluoride impacts the mental abilities of human beings. Its excessive use harms the human brain. The potential harm such as nausea and vomiting, frustrate a person and snatch his ability to think and act. Interestingly, a lot of research on fluoride has been done in Russia because it was used to overpower the prisoners of war in Russia and Germany during World War 2 (WW2). Now, anyone can imagine the level of toxicities which has been added into the bodies of Americans during all these years. The prisoners of wars were tough guys with some of them already vast experienced tortures and brutalities. Still, the Russian agencies preferred fluoride to overpower them.

The Inside Story[edit]

The fluoride has been used as a political and economic weapon and tool by various governments in America. The President of the US Harry S. Truman, used it to socialize healthcare. Furthermore, several US governments have heated debate over the budget, which has been allocated to water fluoridation. Ultimately, it has become a political, economic and social debate which the government is finding easy to handle but hard to eradicate. The government also keeps people busy in debating this topic while the states have not yet moved an inch to ban this practice. It does not have medical implications; rather, it also includes the ethical factors. The government is adding fluoride against the will of people or without their consent. So, it is ethically wrong because the consent of people is necessary as they are utilizing fluoride in excess. Moreover, it is against the basic rights of people because the government cannot force people to drink something which is not good for their health. The health hazards of excessive fluoride are also highlighted by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has also published several types of research to stop the practice of adding fluoride to public water.

The Way Out[edit]

The government is not willing to show any leniency about using this practice even in the best interest of public health. People have already gone to legal and international forums to fight for their rights. However, political and economic gains have superseded the struggles of the common man. The slow poison is harmful to our generations, and we should collectively fight for it even if there are small leads. We should raise our voice to spread awareness so that the government listens to us. We should spread public health safety guidance, which will help people to understand about the potential harms of using excessive fluoride. And most importantly, we should come up with a combined idea to inform people about the conspiracy being hatched to destroy us.