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United Nations Agenda 21 Introduction Very few people are aware of the United Nations Agenda 21 and when people first discover Agenda 21, they are typically surprised by how large and widespread it is, and how they have somehow been unaware of it for a very long time. When you look into it, you are presented with two different pictures. Both views seem very extreme, highly subjective and difficult to believe. One side seems to be living in a fantasy world where Agenda 21 will change the world and make it a paradise, the other is where Agenda 21 is a conspiracy for world domination. Agenda 21 Agenda 21 is a United Nations comprehensive plan designed to provide a practical framework for implementing the sustainable development model. This model has been defined by the United Nations a development that meets the needs of the present population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Agenda 21 was established by the UN in 1992 at a conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 21 represents the 21st century. Although it is not a legally binding treaty, it was unanimously accepted by 178 countries at the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The treaty has four sections that cover socio-economics, Environment, People and Implementation. The published document presents a warning of a dire future if no action is taken, and then provides an outlook based on a large collection of attainable goals. Most UN member countries have accepted Agenda 21 but in a voluntary non-binding form. The document recognizes that most national governments would not be able to directly impose this policy on its citizens and goes further to encourage it to be adopted by state, regional and local governments as well as by non-governmental organizations and to be supported by individual citizens. The details of the agenda are broad and vague such that they allow for future changes and different interpretations by different organizations depending upon circumstances. Agenda 21 was many times cited as a conspiracy during the 1990s as a blueprint for implementing the new world order and population control. It is designed to establish word domination by destroying everyone’s individual rights. It involves many people at all levels of society working together to achieve the goal of enslaving mankind. Some people view Agenda 21 as an elaborate and subversive scheme orchestrated by the UN to capture individual freedoms and assume control over sovereign nations and their resources. According to Glenn Beck, sustainable development is just a nice way of saying centralized control if all human life on planet Earth. There are groups in the United States that have seen this agenda by the UN as so threatening that they are determined to fight against what they view as serious threats to individual rights and the American way of life. Propaganda or Progress? The opponents of the Agenda 21 claim that in order to have people to go along with Agenda 21’s development model, the UN has planned the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world. The scam begins by promoting the idea that people should feel guilty for living their huge lifestyles which are defined by our suburban houses, bug cars and rampant consumerism. What follows is that people are told that their sins can be forgiven if they accept the new UN identity as global citizens and commit to reducing their impact on the earth. We are told that we should redefine progress in terms of what we are able to sacrifice for the greater good contrary to we can acquire for ourselves as individuals. This is some sort of social engineering which is designed to convince citizens to willingly abandon their fundamental rights to privacy, property and freedom of choice. As a result, this sustainable development can be characterized as propaganda that serves to brainwash communities into thinking that they want to live in dense urban areas and opt to travel on public transit. Agenda 21 advices that environmentally sensitive areas should set aside and protected from further development. Critics are strongly against this idea. Many people, especially the rural landowners believe that the UN’s long-term plan is to acquire through world domination, all of the rural lands surrounding densely populated cities and mark them as protected areas that humans will not have access to. There is a Windland Project map which shows the United States with several specific areas for human habitation surrounded by restricted biodiversity conservation corridors. This map is widely circulated and has raised a lot of opposition to the UN Agenda 21. The manipulation of the community Agenda 21 is non-binding, but still, this raises a lot of concerns. The voluntary framework only enhances its subversive nature because people are actually manipulated. They are made to believe that they have freedom of choice and that they can participate in the decision-making processes that will have an impact on their communities. Therefore communities are being manipulated systematically through the use of the Delphi Technique, a method for directing a group of people to reach an agreement in which the outcome has already been predetermined. The UN is believed to bring facilitators who are specially trained to run meetings and community-visioning workshops entirely for the purpose of manipulating the community for Agenda 21. In fact, there are concerns about the legitimacy of the public participation process because by the time community meetings and public hearings even take place, general plans have already been altered and communities rezoned to ensure development is approved. Exaggerated environmental collapse Some believe that the threat of environmental collapse is exaggerated. This is actually used by the UN as a fear tactic to establish a new world where individual rights will be subjected to the will of a centralized international government. People will be moved into overcrowded cities where their mobility will be restricted and denied their right to privacy. Soviet The word soviet is Russian for the committee. The USSR was run by a hierarchy of committees, their members freely elected from below in theory, but in practice only if you approved from above. Many organizations that support Agenda 21 use similar techniques for their committees. You would find that a regional committee could be made up of representatives of community committees, each made up of representatives of small neighbourhood organizations. Any decisions made by those committees can be presented as the views of the neighbourhoods, committees and the whole region. Unanimous support would be achieved even the opinions of the representatives may very well not reflect those of their neighbourhoods. For instance, the route for the planned bicycle path may be decided by using such methods. The government can then promote it by claiming that the people of the region and all of its communities support it. Socialists and Communists Agenda 21 originated from the UN, and thus many of its proposed solutions are a form of socialism. It happens that the socialists and the communists are very well aware of this and so they use Agenda 21 to achieve their own goals. Most of the communist ideals of equality for women such as by free abortions, the elimination of marriage and family and making child-raising and domestic work community activities, and of social and economic equality, such as by the elimination of private property are well accommodated in the Agenda 21 model. Both the communists and the socialists welcome a world whereby family farms and small businesses do not exist. They want a world in which interchangeable people are packed and stacked along transit corridors and a world in which all individuals will entirely rely on the government for their existence. Today, the world, especially the western world, is becoming more and more of a social welfare state. Organized religion and marriage are becoming obsolete, and more and more people are relying on the government for welfare and social assistance. Probably you have seen people demanding an end to all forms of discrimination against sexual orientation, minimum guaranteed incomes, and government-supported daycares and so on. Also, private property is becoming less and less important and it seems that people do not care so much about physical possessions. The concept of what rights are has changed completely. Today, it is not about “the government shall pass no law restricting citizens from something,” instead it is about “the government shall provide each citizen with something.” So it appears that everyone is appearing to depend on entitlements from the government. This conspiracy is real and has been there for over a century now. Agenda 21 provides a great tool that the communists and the socialists can use to win the common people over to their view of their world without ever making it known to them as communism or socialism. Agenda 21 will ensure that communism will not be forcefully imposed on people as it happened a century ago, instead, people will be manipulated to welcoming it and even demand it from the government. This way the United Nations will have achieved its desired world domination.