Sandy Hook Shooting

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The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred on 20 December 2012 is among the deadliest school shooting in the United States. This incident had 28 people dead and 12 injured. It was earlier believed that the attack started after the murder of Nancy Lanza, who was shot four times with a 22-caliber rifle, by her 20-year old son Adam Lanza. Adam used several firearms such as an AR-15, a shotgun and two semiautomatic pistols, all that his mother had purchased in years preceding the shooting to carry out the act. On that day, his first two victims were two women; Dawn Hochsprung-the principal and Mary Sherlach, the psychologist. The sound of the gunfire was broadcasted through the public address system which led the teachers to take the necessary steps to safeguard the students. However, Lanza managed to also kill a behavior therapist, a first-grade teacher and six of her students, another class teacher and her fourteen students, a special education aide and two other staff members. After this, he then shot himself to death with a handgun.

Various conspiracy theories have sprung up after this incident. However, one fact remains irrefutable; this incident is among one of the many false-flag operations that the government carries out to instill fear among its citizens so that they eventually rely only on the government. All similar operations are simply cover operations with the intention to deceive that a particular person, nation or group is responsible for carrying out an activity to hide the actual source. All along, the Sandy Hook shooting was a plot by the U.S government, who orchestrated the massacre to promote uncompromising laws on gun control and make the public afraid; it was meant for the people to increase their dependence on the government. a major piece of evidence is that of the photograph of one of the children shot during the massacre. Emilie Parker has a flowered black dress on the same day she was shot and a girl who stood next to President Obama some days after the shooting had the same dress on. While this may be a mere coincidence, it was very evident that the two were the same girl, indicating that the whole incident was a hoax.

On one website, Jay Johnson said that the U.S government was actually trying to alter the perception on the mass of the human condition to establish a sense of insecurity to only trust the government for security. Alex Jones was sure that that the massacre was simply a staged narration that was false. He said that the elementary school had been closed years before the alleged shooting and that a CNN anchor reported using a green screen with actors portraying the grieving parents.

The U.S government has severally used 'false-flags’ to create a measure of panic in its citizens. A fitting example is Operation Northwoods. The government contemplated using this method to motivate the citizens in the early 1960s to support a war with Cuba. The plan was to blow up a US ship in the Cuban waters and then blame the government of Cuba. To create national indignation, the US government would then have casualty lists printed in the US newspapers.

The Orlando nightclub shooting that occurred on 12 June 2016 was an American mass murderer, Omar Mateen, killed 49 and injured 53 people in Pulse; a gay nightclub has also led to numerous people pointing fingers at the US government. The Obama administration allowed the attack to take place so that they pass laws and hate laws to ban the citizens ' speech. In addition, the firearm used also raises questions towards the involvement of the American government. The AR-15-type rifle used in this mass shooting has been used in various other mass shootings. In addition, the rifle was automatic and when sold to civilians, it is normally semi-automatic. This leads to the conclusion that the shooter was not only given the military firearm but was also on the payroll of the government.

Furthermore, another well-known incident has also been considered a false-flag event. The 9/11 attack that resulted in the death of 2,996 people and injuries on more than 6,000 people has numerous conspiracy theories about it over the years, most of them point to the US government. While some "truthers" believe that this was a false-flag that was organized by the administration of President George Bush to popularize war in the Middle East or justify the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, some question the reaction of the U.S government. At that time, America had the most powerful air force worldwide. However, they failed to intercept any of the planes.

During the first moments of the attack that day, it was clear that there was a terrorist incident occurring after the first plane was hijacked. Normally, both in the USA and in Canada, the NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) investigates a suspected aircraft by the provision of an escort service upon request by the coordinator of the FAA Hijack and uses jets. However, on this day, this did not happen. The truthers have stuck to their truth that this a clear indication of a conspiracy within the government to allow the attacks to continue. The doubts have also been created as a result of the reports given by various government institutions. The 9/11 commission was heavily criticized by the former FBI director Louis Freeh for ignoring key evidence from the Able Danger, a highly classified data-mining military project. The commission said it was unaware of Mr. Mohammed Atta, the alleged ringleader of the hijackers. However, according to Mr. Freeh, Able Danger had long identified who Atta was and had been tracking him for many months.

Incidents such as these normally have a long period of investigations that would only lead one to confirm that the government always attempts to hide information. Many at times, reports given do not seem to satisfy the answers of the affected civilians. As a result, this would only lead you to question the motive behind various events happening all over the country.