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The Family Back Ground[edit]


M.R. Amschel was born in 1743 in Germany a place known as Frankfurt. He was a son of the money lender. His parents died of smallpox and left him orphaned at the age of 12 years. In 1760, he joins and works as an apprentice in a bank firm. This is in Hannover in Germany. At this period of apprenticeship, he learned various skills in banks including foreign trade. He learned this from the well-established bankers with the status of Court Jews. After completion of his work in the bank firm, he returned to his native area, Frankfurt to continue from where his father left with the family business.

The start of his bank empire[edit]

At 19, he continued with trading business in money his father left behind. Along this business line, he met with Wilhelm, the crown prince. He later became the richest man in Europe after gaining his sit and becoming Wilhelm IX in1785. M.R. Amschel soon after started to provide other services of banking to Wilhelm and other nobles. In the year 1769, he attained the status and title of ‘Court Factor’. Thereafter, he got married in 1770 and later on got 10 children, sons and daughters, five each.

Expansion of the bank Empire[edit]

His empire got the most benefits from the French Revolution. At the time of war, he was contracted by the army of Austria to be a supplier of various items including uniforms, wheat, horses and many other types of equipment. Moreover, he carried out money transactions for mercenaries of Hessein.

Close to that period, he also sent his sons to various capital cities of Europe to live there. His aim was to establish more businesses of banking, in Vienna, Naples, London, and Paris. With the successful establishment of the banks, it became the bank that was first to operate beyond the borders. Through this, he accumulated more wealth through lending to the governments for the financing of war and also ventures into other industries. He passed on in 1812 and left the fortune to the descendants with a strict rule of cousins marrying so that his fortunes could remain in the family.

The Genesis of the World Control by Rothschild[edit]

The evidence[edit]

1789: - This was like a dream come true of the bankers. It was the French revolution (1789- 1793). The dominant institutions such as churches were dragged down by the new constitution. They were banned from levying tithes and their tax exemption uplifted.

1791:- Mayer A. Rothschild gained the nation money control through being awarded the contract by Alexander Hamilton in that year. The Rothschild, therefore, set up a bank in the USA which was referred to as the United States first central bank. They were given 20-year chatter by the state.

1811:- the chatter duration runs out, and the same period, renewal by the Rothschild is voted out by the Congress. Thus displeases Nathan M. Rothschild, who was the head of that branch. He threatens to cause war full of disaster if his request is not granted. However, the US stays firm in their verdict.

1812:- Nathan M. Rothschild backed by Rothschild money, resort to British for assistance to launch a war on America. This war will make them use all their resources, after which he will return and use it as a leverage to reinstate the Rothschild bank in the US.

1815:- through the Rothschild money, the Rothschild brothers were able to influence either side of the fighting countries. For instance, they financed both the army of Napoleon and the army of Wellington, in which the two sides were on the war. Through that, they would be permitted to carry out their businesses without war interference.

1816:- the Rothschild’s are granted a second chatter of 20 years, after the passing of the bill by the Congress. It seems the threats Nathan M. Rothschild made in 1811 were not empty. This is after the deaths of thousands of soldiers on either side. The family got their bank back.

1818:- taking control of French occurred in this year. After the war, massive loans were secured by the French to rebuild. The Rothschild bought most of the bonds the government resulting to hike in their prices. In the same year in November at an open market, this caused a drastic drop in the bond price, resulting in a financial crisis in France. In order to control the government, they stepped in to manage the supply of money.

1821:- the pope in that time had lots of power. Greeting him involved a kiss on his toe as a sign of respect. In this same year, Kalmann M. R. was sent to Italy in Naples. While there, he would engage in business with both Pop and Vatican. He was granted by the pop St. George Order. in addition, when they meet, the Pop will greet Kalmann with hands rather than the custom kiss on the toe. This itself depicts to you the Rothschild had on the Vatican.

1823:- Rothschilds managed to take over management of the Catholic funds throughout the globe.

1833:- Andrew Jefferson US 7th president, during his campaign in 1832, with a slogan of removing the profiting Rothschild from the control of US money. When he won and assumed office in 1833, he upheld his promise. He began removal of deposits from the Rothschild US bank.

1835:- there was an attempted assassination of the president. Luckily, the assassins’ firearms misfired. The assassin by the court was found not guilty because of insanity claims. He later bragged of having protection from Europe powerful people who gave him that job. Am sure this sounds familiar.

1836:- at last, after long wars of trying to throw out the Rothschild bank in the US, he succeeded. To renew the chatter, they would have to wait for decades. Until the year 1913, they manage to set up again 3rd Bank of their own in the US. At this time, it was called the Federal Reserve.

1861:- the 16th president of the United States approaches one of the major financial institutions in New York. He is offered a loan but with hefty interest rates of 24- 36% a rate that they knew he could not agree with. At that time any major financial institution in the US was under Rothschild influences. Angered by the hefty rates of the loan, he printed his own money that was free of debt. After which he made it public, that it will be a legal tender either for private or public loans.

1865:- after winning the election in 1864, when giving a speech in Congress in 1865, he states that he has two enemies, the southern army before him and institutions of finance at his back. In the same year 14th April, in about two months to the civil war ended, he got assassinated.

1875:- the British prime minister was spearheading Suez Canal shares purchase, and needed more funds. The bank of Rothschild gave him a loan, as they needed to maintain control over the government, and also needed the route access to be headed by the authority they controlled. They, therefore, secured there the Middle East huge interest in the business.

1876:- According to Otto von Bismarck, the fate of the United States divided into two governments was concealed even before the civil war. This was done by Europe institutions with the power of finance. The fusion of the United States into a single block would mean a path to freedom of finance. And this would have a negative impact on their dominance in finance in the world. Rothschild had build dominance in finance at that time. Therefore the solution to prevent block formation was to utilize any opportunity and create a division between the republic two parts.

1891: A leader of British makes the following statements about the Rothschild. “This blood-sucking crew has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present century and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through fomenting wars between States which ought never to have quarreled. Whenever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumors of war circulate and men’s minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity you may be sure that a hook-nosed Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the region of the disturbance.”

1914:- at this point, all media are under the control of Rothschild. This made it harder to get any negative news about them. Through the media, the people of Germany were manipulated into favoring an outbreak of war.

1917:- the Rothschild payback to Tsar Alexander II for interfering with their mission in the US through siding with Abraham Lincoln the US president in 1864. Tsar A. the II family were all slaughtered. 1933:- Rothschild managed the supply of IBM machines to be used by Nazis for production of punch cards.

1948:- for recognition of Israel as a sovereign country, Harry S. Truman the 33rd president of US was given a token of 2$ million inform of campaign train by the Rothschild. In that year, the president declared the US as the first nation which is foreign to recognize Israel.

The Israel flag was unveiled. It was bearing the Hexagon sign of the Rothschild but on a version that is blue. This portrayed who was the biggest player in the Israel formation and their influence.

1957:- Rothschild donates a large amount of money to the Israel government for the construction of building meant for parliament. The parliament was to be a symbol of permanency of Israel state to all men eyes.

1963:- on 4th June, J.K.F who was the 35th president of the USA from 1961-1963, he got assassinated after the 01111 Executive order, which allowed the US to print their currency. This means they will be free from relying on the Federal Reserve Bank which was owned by Rothschild. His assassination occurred on 22nd Nov, 6 months after signing the order.

On the same day president, JFK is assassinated, the 11110 executive order is revoked by the United States 36th president, Lyndon B. Johnson, who served from the year 1963 to 1969.

1985:- it's published by Eustace Mullins the owners of the major media in the United States. It is revealed that Rothschild is the major controllers of CBS, ABC, and NBC.

1987:- extension of their power to countries in the third world. This was accomplished by setting up a Conservation Bank of the World. This would enable those countries to be in debt to the Rothschild, and therefore land would be given to the bank. Their target was to take control of the 30% of the world they had not ventured. In which the countries in the third world make up that percentage.


Across history, since the formation and the establishment of the family fortune, to uphold the status and dominance of the Rothschild financial institution, it has always been about control of the “higher power” (The Authority). This started with the founder Mayer A. Rothschild. His first bank in Frankfurt was established due to the close ties with crown prince William, who later became the ruler. He ensured he managed every monetary transaction of the prince and also other nobles. The same tactic was applied by his sons when they also establish the bank’s branch in other cities. France, Naples, London, and Paris, in these cities they manage to be the financial powers that control the supply of money. And anyone or any country which becomes a barrier gets removed by all means. Through becoming financial powers, they are able to will the government according to their interests, and through this, they also secure their fortune. To where it all started, the Central Bank of Europe is founded in Frankfurt in 1998. As recent as a 21st century, the family still expands there financial power territory, as the first ever family bank, that have to gain access to China market of finance by being granted go-ahead by Regulatory Commission of China Banks.