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In the year 1947, on July 8th, the period that changed the view of the man about the universe, it led to the discovery that we are not the only ones in the universe. There are other life forms somewhere but we are yet to discover their location. The reason for their encounter with our planet in Roswell is still unknown. Was it accidental? Or were they in a mission of discovery that ended with a fatal accident? These are some of the mysteries that we will never know or understand. But one thing is for sure, they do exist. Let me take you back before the press statement release. On 1947, 14th June, while driving northwest, 80 miles from Roswell across the land of their ranch. Brazel who was a rancher, and Vernon his son, discovered an object they had not seen in the past. There was a large area covered with wreckage from an unknown object. On 4th July, he picked up the wreckage he could find, and 7th July he delivered the collected wreckage to Roswell sheriff who was George Wilcox.

The first report after the encounter in Roswell[edit]

On July 8th, 1947, the RAAF authority provided a statement concerning the incidence to the press. It clearly and directly highlighted that there was a discovery of a crashed flying disc on a certain ranch during the storm that was powerful in Roswell. After which there was involvement of the government scientist on the very same day. Later, the statement appeared to have been changed. Another press meeting was formed, and instead, it was stated that a balloon for weather tracking had crushed instead. In this case, the relation or similarity between the flying disc and the weather balloon is inconclusive. Was this the beginning of the government conspiracies? Or there was a problem with the eyesight or angle of view by the initial eye whiteness that differed from that of the scientist? In addition, it was mentioned that debris which included tin foil, wood, and rubber, was basically aimed towards proving, that it was indeed a balloon for weather tracking. After the second statement, the report took a new turn, Brazel was put on a record and apologized for misidentification publicly and the regret of doing so. According to the accounts by the government officials, the debris found by Brazel was from “Weather Balloon” an experiment that was on trial. The effort of the government to cover the incidence is itself proof that it was not just an experimental failure but something bigger. This had also led to the emergence of theories that outline well what occurred. The theories touched on what the government termed as “the evidence” of a weather balloon, with the aim of covering the extraterrestrial life exists in the eyes of the public.

Government cover-ups[edit]

Decades later, the so-called “Project Mogul” was publicized to get rid of any public suspicion concerning the extraterrestrial life existence. This took place in 1970, but the connection to the Roswell incidence was fully done in 1994. Considering the National Security Agency (NSA) is usually highly secretive, it ended up publishing a refuting report that is in-depth with the aim of discrediting the conspiracy claims of the crushing site. This is proof that they do exist. While a report after that in 1997 backed up the first report by claiming the bodies of alien retrieved at the site were actually test dummies with anthropomorphic sized bodies. Inadvertently, through issuing an analysis report that is detailed, the government sparked up interests of public, rather than diminishing it. This resulted in private investigations and the creation of conspiracy theories that geared towards military of US involvement in the incidence and cover-ups involved. Therefore, think about it, why is the government so keen on discrediting or burying any suspicion that arises from the crash incidence? And what are they gaining out of keeping the public in the dark?

Is their evidence of alien invasion in Roswell?[edit]

Witness Statement[edit]

The government did it’s very best to get rid of substantial evidence, in order to leave behind a trail of evidence that would lead to a weather balloon conclusion. These materials left behind were Tin foil, wood and “tough paper”. Not to end at this point, the government also ensured to discredit any proof of the alien existence. For instance, Friedman’s primary work was discredited, but this didn’t deter him from carrying out more research to prove his findings. Decades later, researchers of UFO took an interest in the Roswell incidence. Some of the researchers included William Moore, Stanton T. Friedman, and Karl T. Pflock. It also included another team that comprised of Donald R. Schmitt and his partner Kevin D. Randle. The research of these teams involved interviews on the key witness that were a couple of hundreds that claimed to have direct involvement or had a connection with the occurred incidence in Roswell in the year 1947. Additional substantial information that was documented, were retrieved through freedom of information act. In addition, Majestic 12 files were also obtained through leakage by the anonymous insiders. From the research done and the analysis of the recovered evidence, the conclusion was, one spacecraft of aliens must have at least crashed close to Roswell; their bodies had been salvaged from the crash and the government did its best to cover up the occurrence of the incidence. Accounts that proof change of evidence and existence of aliens Marcel, who was among the key witness, described the debris as not made from this earth. He was also among the individuals who ferried part of the debris from the site to Fort Worth a location where the reporter had a chance to view the materials from the crushing site. There were more accounts by son of Mac Brazel (Billi Brazel), who was the owner of the ranch; their neighbors, F. Proctor and son of W. E. Whitman (Walt Whitman) the newsman who interviewed Mac Brazel initially, suggested that materials that were recovered by Mc Marcel had strength that was super with no links to the weather balloon. Moreover, the Friedman book indicated that the debris obtained by Marcel from the Foster ranch was substituted with the weather balloon debris that was photographed as the original debris for a cover-up. The incarceration of Mc Brazel was also included in the book. It’s from that military confinement that Mc Brazel came out with a contrary opinion about the incidence that had occurred in his ranch. Think about it, how an individual leaving with the debris for 3 weeks cannot be sure of what he saw? It’s just another form of a government cover-up by intimidating the major key witness.

“Day after Roswell”[edit]

This book was written by Philip J. Corso, a former lieutenant colonel of the US army. In this book, he reported that the crash did happen in Roswell. In 1947, he was posted to Fort Riley. On July when he was assigned, 25tones limit trucks which were five together with semitrailers arrived in the base and had departed from Fort Bliss (also an army base). He stated while going for patrols around the base, Sgt. Brown brought him into the facility catered for medical services. The bodies’ remnants from the air crash near Roswell were disclosed to him. As he claims, he did the analysis of the remnants and exposed factual and inconsistencies errors. He also claims in the book, that a government covert group under Administration of Roscoe H. H, and the 1st central intelligence director leadership was assembled (look at majestic 12). Collection of extraterrestrial technologies and information was among its roles. Simultaneously, the administration of US discredited the flying disc existence in the public eyes, stated Corso. According to him, the artifacts from the crash were reverse engineered and it indirectly resulted in the fiber optics, a beam of accelerated particles, Kevlar substances and chips integrated circuit technology development. Moreover, Corso stated in his book that the star wars or Strategic defense initiative (SDI) aimed at achieving the capacity for destroying the systems with electronic guidance of the enemy incoming warheads, as well as disabling intraterrestrial and extraterrestrial spacecraft origin. After Corso’s book “The Day after Roswell” was launched on 23rd July 1997, He passed after away almost a year after on 16th July 1998. But thanks to him, we were left with the discovery, which we would have never uncovered as public.

Days later after the 1947 Roswell crash[edit]

Dr. Lincoln La Paz with experience in celestial objects observation after spending thousands of hours scientifically studying them reported having seen a huge object with elliptical shape in the sky. He claims it was flying close to Fort Sumner in New Mexico on 10th July 1947 almost a week after the crash in Roswell. At the time of observation, he was driving with his wife and children. He describes the flying object in the sky as being luminous, kind of oscillating below the clouds, with a brightness that is stronger than that of Jupiter planet. It had an elliptical and regular shape. The object nature was mysterious to Lincoln. On 7th April 1952 in an article of a Life Magazine, Dr. Lincoln is quoted giving the description of the object he saw. He said that the object exhibited a motion that was wobbling of the sort, after which it disappeared in the clouds. It then reappeared but with bright projection against the dark clouds that gave the self luminosity with an impression that was strongest. Afterward, he claimed the object moved south to the north slowly and spent two minutes and 30 seconds on the hidden side of the cloudbank. As per his calculations and confirmed by that of his wife, the flying object was very big and similar to or larger compared to the disreputable ‘battle of Los Angeles’ body that was spotted by thousands in the year 1942 on February. It was about 100 feet broad and with a length of 235 feet. According to Dr. Lincoln report, the flying body had a 120 to 180 miles/hr horizontal speed range and 600 to 900 miles/hr range vertical ascending speed. This is a clear indication of the alien existence, and considering La Paz experience, there is little chance of him being wrong. Second alien crash landing There is the existence of reports indicating a second site where another crash occurred. This occurred west of Roswell on the mountains. In this case, it had a craft that was complete almost. According to reports, it crashed into the boulders and rocks. It was discovered years later, that William C. Holden a professor in archaeologist in Texas Tech, together with his students, was camping in the mountains of Capitan the same night the crash took place, and they witnessed something descending. In the morning, the following day, they went to look at what it was, with the thought that it might have been a plane wreck. They stumbled upon a banged up object made of metal on the rock resting. Before getting a chance to do a close investigation, the armed contingent of military arrived in the site, and they were all escorted out of the area of the crash.


There was indeed an extraterrestrial crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico, not only for the first time but also a second time. In the first crash, the military was straight forward, after the statement of the press had been released by RAAF. This clearly stated that “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell region”. This was on 8th July 1997 in the local newspaper, Roswell daily, set the headline in bold across the page on the front. But the following day, on the exact local newspaper, it stated that the disk was a weather balloon. This was after consulting with the superior. And it’s from this point that the government conspiracy was set on trail. It was accompanied with proofs to discredit what was clearly observed by the public, including the incarceration of the first witness who discovered the crash-landed object. Despite the government denial and conspiracies, there is overwhelming evidence that was obtained independently by the public, which set the records straight. That there was indeed a crash land by the extraterrestrials. The burning questions are, WHAT is the government motive with the salvaged alien remnants? Is it for the benefit of humankind or just to fuel their hidden agendas?