Public Indoctrination

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Indoctrination means inculcating attitudes, several ideas, professional methods, and other cognitive techniques to a person. It is a fact that human beings are always modeled by what goes on around them; it is inescapably so. A good example is a parent-child relationship, which has a crucial role in building secure and reliable communities of shared values.

The government takes advantage of every opportunity to try to indoctrinate almost everyone to boost power and the influence it yields on the masses. Unfortunately, it goes much further than controlling what people can do; the government aims at controlling their minds. Indoctrination is accomplished by means of several channels like speeches, entertainment, and censorship as well. However, the major channel that proves effective for the government is indoctrination through public schools. An advantage of young minds is that they are malleable; for this reason, teachers have been used for many years to help the government attain its goal. It may be impossible for teachers to produce smart and productive students but at least they can manage to make them obedient and submissive to authority.

Consequently, from the experiences of quite a number of people, indoctrination is not only an issue with other systems of the organization but it is also a major concern in America. It is easy to determine the degree of indoctrination and how it works; it is one of the major reasons why America is so much divided today. even if the public system does not provide for quality education, the extent of brainwashing that happens in such schools is so much effective; for instance, some end up becoming feminists and being against the women who dissent abortion, others become conservatives and worse still, others will permit the mainstream media to influence every decision they have to make.

Indoctrination involves so much more than forcing some particular opinions into the mind. It also entails thorough efforts of passive diffusion of a specific way of thinking; it is important to note that the passive-active is fundamental. For most people who are currently indoctrinated with defined narratives and beliefs, they did not get to those conclusions by their own thinking; they simply had to hear repetitions of the same thing in numerous different ways to the point of adopting the repeated ideologies as irrefutable truth.

A common characteristic of the process of indoctrination is the way it takes place in the absence of thinking. Most teachers who are part of this do not realize that they engage in indoctrination without their knowledge. Teachers take what they are given or authorized to teach without thinking. This is the level where ideologies are introduced by drafting scripts for teachers; it is through this method that the anti-Semitic hogwash and the LGBT advocacy became a part of their lessons. Indoctrination thrives on thoughtlessness. The only way to reason oneself out of the things taught or heard at school is by thinking deeply about them. consequently, it may go two ways; it may be helpful when one reasons their way out of unrealistic thinking which opposes the reality or it may be worse when an individual reasons their way out unfounded beliefs but not have the necessary means to move on to adopting valid beliefs.

Indoctrination in public schools has not resulted in a unified society rather, the people have become tribal and more polarized. For some who doubt that this matter is real and it does exist in schools, they say that the division is because of the irreplaceable desire human beings have for justice and freedom; how wrong they are. It is cancer that gradually destroys those who are inquisitive and causes paralysis to the intellect. It is unfortunate that the other governments worldwide, as well as political entities, are responsible for indoctrinating public schools.

Around the world, for example, climate change and its aftermath are taught in public schools. Notably, the syllabus is so much polarized. The human population is looked down upon as the major cause of environmental crises and degradation. In addition, the human population is described as one of the leading reasons for resource constraint in most school curricula. Instead of prescribing reduction of levels of pollution and improved sanitation, what public schools suggest is that there should be modifications in the commissions of a country’s family planning and that a way to improve the current situation facing our environment is by encouraging small families to counter population growth.

We can clearly say that the government conceals the facts about how detrimental it would be for their economies if population control programs were to take effect. The solutions provided for by the approved books and teachers lack clarity; furthermore, the positive relationship that exists between the development of human population vis-à-vis the environment is not highlighted. Overall, with respect to the teachings in public schools, the government makes sure that the positive impacts of the human population like an industrial revolution are not taught; what is taught in schools do not also portray how fossil fuels have also contributed to developing human life.

Indoctrination in public schools seeks to block independent thought and suppress intellectual thinking. The affected students focus more on relative standards over absolute standards, the process rather than the product, and skills over content. It has brought about what is popularly known as pervasive relativism in the education system. Content can change to conform to any situation when needed to, knowledge therefore becomes subjective. In such instances, it is difficult to learn how to think since there is no actual think about.

Indoctrination in public schools has been an ongoing issue from the past several decades around the world. Subsequently, the government is responsible for creating people united by their opinions and feeling but not in truth or reason. These groups of people are susceptible to mass media and in the present and future, they will be unable to stand up and form organized resistance to any infringing lawless ideologies in power; that is the main objective of governments.