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So, this theory is regarding the agenda of the U.S.A. and independent agency along to rule the complete world, you'll raise a question "how is that even possible?" well here is a stimulating theory. "Project Blue Beam". A theory that may shake your mind.

NASA and also the USA are combinedly making a scenario where the complete human species are manipulated to believe that they have a replacement new world order to save them and thus New religion is enforced by removing all the present ones, by establishing the dictatorship throughout the planet. Generating a worldwide New Age faith was the sole issue that might create a worldwide dictatorship attainable.

How was the idea developed[edit]

It was claimed that the massive hologram was seen in China amongst the clouds, it absolutely was believed that there's some agenda behind it, A Canadian reporter referred to as Monast has revealed the idea that there's a hidden campaign from USA and independent agency to ascertain the new world order, later he was found dead after few weeks as he revealed the article. the idea suggests USA and NASA are reaching to produce new world order by victimization technologically simulated mind management to form a worldwide New religion. Otherwise, there are handful of movies from marvel, dc, a minimum of ten movies a year have an alien invasion on earth or apocalypse, created to form delusions that we'd like some heroes to save us, the Christians looking forward to Christ to point out up, or Muslims needs God to return into the sunshine. The Hindus need Hindu deity to require another avatar like Kalki.

Project Blue Beam would be allotted in four completely different steps.

Step 1: Breaking all the present archeological knowledge[edit]

NASA would aim to discredit all existing religions through the breakdown of all archeological data. It deals with the setup of earthquakes at sure precise locations of the world wherever purportedly new discoveries can suddenly justify the incorrect which means of all major religions’ basic doctrines. it's very attainable, there have been previous acts like wiping out few of the targeted shores with a man-made wave, there square measure enough videos on youtube on climate-changing machines, artificial rain harvest home devices, making elicited earthquakes would not be a tough task.

The theory suggests that by providing proof to falsify the teachings of all major religions, folks are additional doubtless to simply accept the New Age faith once it's fashioned.

So, let me break it down for you additional, once folks lose all their hopes on the faith they were following for hundreds of years that could not save them from supposed the "The god's act", they're forced to believe one thing that may save them from going extinct. thus the new faith.

Step 2: An enormous 3D holographic video alongside sound show within the sky[edit]

The projection is a vivid show of any god consistent with the region and language they fall in, however, what it portrays can stay an equivalent, that is indoctrination folks to believe that the faith they're following presently is jam-packed with defects and the way it's inflicting the issues like wars between the countries. They need to unify to bring the changes within the whole world by following the new faith.

As An example, the Soviets have factory-made the advanced computers and have programmed them with the minute psychological particles based mostly upon their studies of the anatomy and biology of the body, still as their studies on the anatomy, chemistry and electricity of the human brain. These computers have additionally been fed with the various languages of the planet.

Well, folks are obviously interested in such insight, a high-quality hologram that appearance insanely real and also the god that they wished to see all their time period. Of course, this gonna impact them. we have a tendency to see tests each once in an exceedingly whereas, however they're referred to as UFOs and "flying saucers."

Step 3: Back and forth communication by telepathy[edit]

The tv, advertising, trendy education and numerous forms of social pressure square measure accustomed manipulate our minds. In spite of however science and technology are evolved, folks still contemplate the planet is flat. People clearly gonna believe that somebody from the World Health Organization gonna be our saviour or some supernatural being or an alien.

Low-frequency radio waves are targetted to individual brains causing the non-public message and can target every faith they're following and switch them against their own. These waves square measure audio signals that square measure in numerous languages of the target host and also the signals measure received at another end to see however if it's performing right on the hosts in real time.

Step 4: Mind control using electronic beams universally[edit]

Here is the most brutal one, so people are already been manipulated and devastated, as we have been fed with all the delusions from the tv shows and movies, every alien space invasion and the existence of flying saucers which are already been implanted in our minds, they gonna take advantage of that. You will only believe what you see, the aliens in the movies, the end of the world in 2012, everything will come back to you, the highly intense electronic beams targetted to each individual brain frequency will send you a personal message, making you believe in a mass extinction which can be only stopped by the alien saviour. You need to put your belief in him, by following the new religion and order. You are pushed to do so. Finally, you won't have a choice, but to accept the fact that you need to be saved. You have been working days to pay the taxes to the government which uses the money on the events such as 9/11, fake bombings, rain harvesting and artificial floods, which indeed make you think that you are in huge trouble and you need to be dependent on the government. For the people who would not fall under this delusion will be found and executed, so there is no opposition or revolution to this agenda. People who are being manipulated gonna lose all the hopes and find the new order as the only choice they have.

Agenda of Project Blue Beam[edit]

  1. To break the families into individual working people for the single government.
  2. To remove all the inventions and start with the new methods and technologies which are helpful in creating modern slavery.
  3. To make the universal currency (electronic cash) for trading and hence abolishing the existing differences in the currency value of each country. The transfer to electronic cash through the superhighway.
  4. All the countries will be merged as a single nation
  5. To control and bring the order to the world by bringing them under a single rule. In other words, to create world peace.
  6. To completely remove the differences by the cast, religion, race, ethnicity throughout the world.
  7. Single law and order, punishments in one central prison for the criminals worldwide.

We have been prepared for this mentally[edit]

Our televisions have shown us there are aliens out there trying to destroy our planet, the movies such as star trek, star wars, Jurassic Park where the evolution takes place in an unimaginable manner. This isn't new, Tesla's death was also a conspiracy as he invented wireless free electricity. So is the death of Monast, who published this conspiracy theory.


Presentation by Serge Monast, a French-speaking Canadian journalist. This took place in 1994.