Princess Diana Murder

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Was it a murder conspiracy or an unlucky accident that claimed their lives?

What was reported in 1997?[edit]

From the reports of the investigation by the officials, from France and Britain, it was concluded that the death of Princess Diana was inconsistency with what the reports of the media stated. That she died, with the cause being the accident she was involved in. The fatal accident involved crashing of their vehicle in the tunnel of Ponte de l’Ama.

The French investigation which was completed in 1999 had a final verdict that it’s the accident which caused Diana’s death. The investigator from France Herve S. who was also the judge had the conclusion that paparazzi were not in any way involved since they were a distance away when the Mercedes S280 crashed in the tunnel. However, the same judgment did not apply to the driver even though he died also.

After all the evidence was put forward to the jury in British, killing unlawfully by Henri Paul (the Driver) was passed as the verdict in 2008 inclusive of the paparazzi that were pursuing them. Moreover, the jury also ruled that the seat belt not being worn and the vehicle crashing on the pillar of the tunnel were also the main causative agent of their death.

But the same view is not held by the Daily Express (newspaper in British) and the father of Dodi (Diana Lover). Dodi also passed on at the time of the crash. Paul Burrell, who was the butler of Diana, got a note published. Diana was the writer of the note. She claimed there was an ongoing plan to sabotage her vehicle by someone. Through an accident, her husband whom they had parted ways would be able to again marry.

The Truth on What Caused Princes Diana Fetal Accident.[edit]

Evidence on what conspired before and after the crash

The ongoing accident plot Discovery by Diana[edit]

2003: Publication of Diana note by Paul Burrell. In the note, she wrote about a motive to sabotage her vehicle by someone. This would cause an accident for her, and through it, Prince Charles would have the opportunity to get married after their separation.

2005: years later, after her death, Princess Diana’s fears came true. On February 10th, 2005, Prince Charles got engaged to Camilla P. Bowles. Thereafter they had a civil wedding. It thus shows that the killer motives did succeed. Diana did pass on through the accident, and the Prince did marry again.

The driver in pay[edit]

After his death, a large amount of money was found spread into separate accounts in the bank. He had a lot of fortune, and if compared to the annual income, it doesn’t add up. A large amount of money was purported to have been the overtime pay from working with MI6. It’s therefore alleged that the accident was a result of a setup. In total, his accounts held a total of $340,000.

To cover up, no evidence of his services to MI6 was found when investigations were carried out. But let’s be logic, knowing that MI6 is an intelligent unit, how could they be careless enough to allow incriminating evidence to be found in their possession. And if the evidence links them to Paul, it will definitely award them heavy blow they can never rise from. In addition, MI6 is part of the government. Any links with the murder will definitely be tied to the government. Therefore it was obvious that there was no way the authority was going to let one of their own be dragged down. Thus they had enough time to clean their systems and evidence tying them to Paul.

Was the driver really drunk?[edit]

According to the blood alcohol test results carried out on the drivers, it was found out that he had three times amount of the minimum level which is legal in France. This result was according to the report by Jay’s on 1997 September. According to the CCTV at Ritz hotel, Paul was sober, judged by his behavior. But to challenge this, it was stated that he had a higher tolerance to alcohol by the pathologist in forensic (Prof. Robert Forest). Due to his alcohol tolerance, he was able to appear sober.

the criteria the doctor applied to get the results with a few tests that Paul was tolerant of the alcohol and also an alcoholic, is still a mystery. The only tests they allegedly carried out was on alcohol level.

Due to the earlier test being challenged by a Pathologist from British, who was hired by Al- Fayed, as he seeks justice for his son’s death, antidepressant drugs detection was included in the second test just to make their report more substantial and incriminating to Paul (driver). Antidepressant is a medical drug that can be used on people with arthritis, eating disorders and many other medical conditions.

The alcohol tests were an intelligent way to close the case as an accident, rather than murder. Challenging the medical reports was difficult, considering it was coming from the forensic lab.

But in 1976, Paul was awarded a private license for pilots. With a connection to that, three days earlier (before the accident) he accomplished successfully the annual physical examination for pilots. Part of it includes a blood alcohol test. Moreover, his parents’ claim, the alcohol problem he is accused off would have appeared in the examination report of the pilots.

Tomlinson’s MI6 participation claim[edit]

Did MI6 orchestrate the plan

Richard T. who is an ex-officer in MI6 had a claim on a statement that was sworn to the authority of France on inquiry. This occurred in 1999 May; it stated the involvement of the MI6 in the accident of 1997. In addition, he had a suggestion on the document possession by the security service. This document would be handy to the inquiry by Judge Stephan.

BBC reported Richard T. previously, of claiming Paul involvement with the security service and between the bodyguards of Princess Diana, one of them was an intelligence contact of British. On top of that, he alleged the Diana under watch by the MI6, and this is before she died. Also, he had spoken about the driver (Paul) was an Agent of MI6 to Mohamed Al Fayed. He also stated that the death of Diana was a duplicate plan he witnessed during 1992, meant for Serbia President Assassination, through blinding the chauffeur by use of strobe light.

Images from CCTV Absent[edit]

This has been cited as evidence for the murder conspiracy that was organized. As per, the newspaper of The Independence in 2006, in the underpass of Ponte de l’Alma, there were 14 cameras for CCTV. What is unusual is that not even a single one of them caught what happened.

Who was the driver of Fiat Uno white car?[edit]

After the fatal crash, apart from the victims who were under analysis for various reasons, the wrecked vehicle to who taken for forensic purposes too. After the analysis of the found result, it was realized, that there was another vehicle which bumped on the Mercedes s280. From the witnesses, an Uno was seen coming out of the tunnel after the crash.

And from the analysis report that states white paint traces on the bodywork of the Mercedes. This indicates that the vehicle that brushed its body with the wrecked Mercedes was white in color. Thus joining the two points, it was concluded that it was a car of the Uno model but white in color.

This further proves that the accident dint just happened accidentally, there was a force behind its occurrence. For the Uno to flee the scene means there was a link between it and what happened. According to Al Fayed statement (2005), the Uno was used by the MI6 to swerve the Mercedes and resulting in a fatal accident. From the paint left on the bodywork of the Mercedes, the two vehicles brushed over at some point in the tunnel before the crash.

The police of France did an investigation as they try to get that particular vehicle but they never succeeded. Apparently, the Uno was owned by a journalist by the name James Anderson according to the claims of Al Fayed. In addition, the alleged journalist had taken photos of Diana in 1997, at St. Tropez in a villa that belonged to him. Also, in 2000 when the journalist died, it was claimed by Al Fayed that it’s either Anderson felt guilty and commit suicide, or he was permanently silenced by the British or French services of security. What made the whole situation suspicious is the fleeing of the Uno rather than giving a hand to the crashed vehicle.

“Jonathan A. Suicide”[edit]

2000:- In the forest that was near to Nant town, close to Milan, in France southern region, Jonathan body was retrieved from a BMW that was burnt completely. According to the verdict that was official, it was suicide.

From the scene, his body was found on the seat of the driver; Jonathan’s detached head was lying in the middle of the seats in the front of the car. Moreover, in the left temple, a hole was identified.

Though, it was also reported that the car keys were missing and no explanation behind it. How the car got driven to the forest without keys is still a mystery? Or somebody did forget to leave the keys after completing the job? That we will never know. In addition, the detached head and a hole in his head is enough to leave you with questions.

The evidence that made the case to be ruled as suicide, it seemed to direct and precise. In 2008, from the statement made by his associates and friends, he allegedly talked of his plan to commit suicide. This was through petrol being poured into the car then lights a cigar. It was noted by the commissioner of the Metropolitan Richard H. The statements perfectly described the scene making any other motive behind the death of Jonathan inconclusive.

Faithful to seat belt[edit]

Was Diana seat belt altered?

From the discussions in the media in 2006 April, it suggested the faithfulness of using the seatbelt by Diana. To back it up, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, the sister, also confirms later on by stating, on wearing the seat belt, religious was Diana.

But as per the analysis made on the wreckage in England after the vehicle was repatriated in 2005, it stated contrary to what was reported. From the investigator in accident forensic, got from research laboratory of transport, with an experience of 35 years, working on operation Paget behalf, discover all the seat belt in the wreckage had the standard working condition, apart from the one in the rear right. It was at the exact place Diana sat before the crash. But as per the investigators of France in 1998, all the seat belts were in good working condition. In addition, from the verdict inquest by the British, not wearing the seat belts must have attributed to her death.


From the evidence provided, you will discover there might be ties among them. This ranges from the ongoing accident plot Discovery by Diana to her death. But you can also get to notice the well-orchestrated plan that worked accordingly, except in the few loose ends which were not tied. This includes the missing car keys of Jonathan suicide; alleged drank Paul (Driver), the only altered seat belt of Diana’s seat to the missing footage of CCTV and many more. But thanks to them there are shreds of truth if not all on what happened. We get to know that what happened in 1997 was more than just the accident.