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New world conspiracy theory is a conspiracy when one hears of it for the first time might wonder what it is all about. Some assume the argument to be a propaganda and publicity stunts. The theory is about the usual things that one may see and consider to be ok, but they are not. Everything that happens in the world today has a story behind it. Well, various theories have been developed to try and explain each event as it unfolds. Some of the conspiracies are not based on facts rather than people's opinion. While others are based on the evidence which is seen, only those with a keen eye will be able to see this kind of conspiracies being carried out. The theories attempt to prove that there is a hand behind every event that occurs in the world today. Here are some of the conspiracy theories that might affect us directly or indirectly under the new world conspiracy order.

Alien invasion[edit]

The theory suggests that aliens are working among us. They have been in existence for decades, and one cannot identify them quickly. The reasons why we have been able to notice them is the cover-up being done by the government. The film "men in black" was produced and hit the charts immediately was a result of the cover-up. Once the film hit the theatres and TV series, the people were made to believe that they are protected from the aliens. It mocks the concept of alien invasion, and people started to see it as something that happens only in movies and not in real life. What ordinary citizens do not understand is they have already invaded the country's system. The aliens are, and some even hold influential positions in the governments, churches and the corporate world. Nothing is left to change. The aliens want to learn our way before they invaded the world completely. This includes the ways we live, what we eat, how we dress, and how we relate to each other. An group in the United States named Majestic 12 is an secret society that protects the aliens. It collaborates with the foreign government to ensure they are protected and permit alien abductions. People are disappearing every day; no one knows where they go to. This is a clear indication of the kidnapping. In return, the local government gets assistance from them to be able to achieve its military flying sauce to show their dominance in the world. This is conducted in a restricted area known as Area 51.


Adam Weishaupt started society and only lasted between the years 1776 to 1785. This was a scam to make people forget about organization existence. They were behind the French revolution and also tried to orchestrate the Europe revolution. The secret society is behind capitalism and communism, which was seen during the cold war. The main intention of the war was to divide the nations and disable the governments. This would have given them a chance to take over the control and rule the is head by powerful and wealthy people in America. This will ensure they have total control in the word since money is power.

End time[edit]

The theory talks of the end of the world as a new world order. This is a prophecy that is written in the book of revelation. The Bible depicts that the world will come to an end, and at that time before Christ comes, the world will be at war. The Bible states Christians will be at war with the antichrist. The group does not believe God exists. Those who made a deal with the devil to gain power and wealth have a task of change the believer. As part of the agreement, they are to change them to be part of their group. In the Christian concept, there will be false prophets who will come up. They may be the last pope of the Catholic Church, the president of the European Union, a guru from the new world movement or the caliph of an Islamic state.


The theory has been in speculation over time, and they are suspected of having a hidden agenda in the government. This will be as a way of welcoming the new world order. The group is believed to have been serving the devil in the 18th Century. They are to subdivide religious organizations and government to rule the world. It is speculated that the founding fathers of the United States America were members of the cult. They advocated for their symbols to be incorporated in the U.S one dollar bill, the great seal of the United States, the streets and highways of the Washington D.C, and the architectural design of the national mall landmarks. This is a plan to show their dominance in the world's most powerful country. The easiest way for change to happen effectively is to start at the top to the bottom. The organization uses this method to ascertain its power in the world and lead the people to the new world order.


The theories are based on assumptions and opinions that people perceive it to be true. These are things that one sees and does daily. Activist these various theories say that it will act as an eye opener to the people and become aware of the changes taking place. But in the real sense, these conspiracies interfere with their belief system and render them hopeless. It happens after they have proven the conspiracies to be propaganda.

"There Are No Conspiracies" written by Domhoff states that for the theory to be true there has to be a wealth and highly educated persons to do things that are not in line with what we know about power structures. He explains that the claims about conspiracies date back in time and it has never been proven to be true. According to Alexander in his report about "Top ten conspiracies," he declared that conspiracies as a move of radicalization and undermining the society.


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