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From the moon landing to the international space station (ISS), NASA has been fooling the minds of many around the globe with the regular updates about the activities of astronauts on the spacecraft. NASA does present itself as a legit civilian space agency but in reality, the organization is just used as a military agency in order to prohibit any other space missions from private enterprises to leave the orbit. It is surprising that NASA tries to promote the idea that the solar system is a dead place but later on, any discoveries are classified. Another example that shows how NASA is determined to hide the truth about discoveries from space is when they falsified colored photos from the pathfinder and Viking to ensure that the martin sky looked red; however, the initial photos show Mars having blue skies. NASA wants the world to think that it is only on earth where life can be supported. In addition, a Martian rover was able to recover a rock that appeared to have a fossil but rather than studying the rock, it had to be ground into dust.

The above examples are just a few cases that center on how NASA spreads deception about its activities. The two major ones are the moon landing hoax and the fake international space system. It was impossible to send crews to the moon; therefore, NASA had to fake all the moon-landing missions on earth.

There is no wind on the moon and therefore the flags were to remain absolutely motionless in all the missions. The flag was supposed to hang limply from the pole; nevertheless, the flag planted on the surface of the moon was blowing in a breeze. In all instances, the flags planted on the moon were supported some horizontal rod that projected from a pole but they were flapping about as the astronauts planted them showing that there was some breeze present.

The astronauts would never have made it past the Van Allen belts; these are very huge belts of radiation surrounding planet earth. They would have been killed by these radiations otherwise; their entire space ship had to be equipped with six feet of lead shielding. Since they lacked such protective measures, it is irrefutable that the journey itself would be impossible. Any human being going through the van Allen belts would be subjected to deadly amounts of radiation and within a few hours of exposure to about 200 to 1000 rads of radiation would definitely lead to radiation sickness within some hours. In 1958, scientists were able to make out two giant belts of radiation while the third one was discovered in 2013. NASA claims that they were so much aware of the dangers and that the leading shields were no a must because they carefully planned the Appollo missions to follow the route through fringes of the belts where the intensity of radiation is not as much; moreover, according to NASA, the spacecraft traversed the belts within 30 minutes so the astronauts never received lethal doses of radiation.

When researchers looked into this, they were able to find out that out of the 24 Appollo astronauts that went deep into space, eight of them died the rest are currently suffering from cardiovascular diseases. NASA refuted the findings and claimed to have done a thorough evaluation and additional medical examinations before all the missions and the results showed that the astronauts had no nothing to be worried about since there would be no impact whatsoever on their health.

One of the images from the moon shows a letter ‘C’ clearly lettered on the moon rocks. This is a similar method used when movie props are lettered or numbers so that those in charge of the stage knew exactly where to place them. NASA deceptively said that the image was just any other image cropped from the main image that was taken during the Apollo mission. Some stated that it was nothing to be blown out proportion because probably it was some piece of fiber or a tiny-coiled hair that found its way on the scanner.

In October 1957, after the Soviets were able to successfully launch Sputnik 1 and a few months later launching Sputnik 2 with the dog known as Laika, the United States program was during that period non-existent. In 1958, NASA was established and they were also able to launch one man Alan Shepard to space; that was on May 1961. President John Kennedy then made it known that the United States must endeavor to make every effort possible to achieve the goal of landing a man on the moon before the decade was complete and safely return him to earth. The goal was certainly unattainable since the Americans went through numerous setbacks like experiencing a Launchpad fire, which killed the three astronauts from Apollo 1. During the mid-60s the US government set aside more than 4% of the federal budget for NASA but still, the soviets were leading, for instance, in 1963, the Soviets launched the first woman in space and they managed the first-ever extra-vehicular activity (spacewalking) in 1965.

Furthermore, NASA has tricked the world claiming they have launched an International Space Station only to realize that all the astronauts who were on board the ISS were floating in zero gravity by means of wires that enabled them to hang. Humans have not yet mastered space travel; the whole operation of the ISS actually took place in a plane. According to Chris Hadfield, a retired NASA astronaut, he was able to notice that in one clip, all those on board were supported by a harness and they utilized computer-graphics (sic) with the supporting wires so that anyone would not be able to notice them. a number of zero-gravity tricks in a mock-up ISS was sufficient to fool viewers; moreover, the airplane in which everything was staged does a couple of rises and falls in an upside-down trajectory which is parabolic in order to simulate zero gravity.