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The infamous Montauk project was a sequence of top secrets government projects of the United States held at the Montauk air force station also known as Camp hero on Montauk, Long Island. The projects were specifically aimed at creating quite a number of peculiar research like time travel and creating several psychological warfare systems. Everything that happened in these projects was highlighted by the published books of Preston Nichols ‘Montauk project series’.

The origin of these stories concerning the project goes way back to the early 1980s. Jaques Vallee a UFO researcher mentioned that following the narratives of Preston Nichols, exposing the events in his books led to his occasional abduction to carry on his involvement against his will; all his narrations were based on recovered suppressed memories of his connection with the project.

Born in Long Island, New York on May 24, 1946, Nichols has degrees in psychology, electrical engineering, and parapsychology and along with another author Peter Moon; they released the Montauk project series. All these books revolve around subjects dealing with the United States military experiments in areas such as mind control, staging fake Apollo Moon landings, teleportation, communication with aliens and time travel cooked up as advancements that led to the ‘profitable’ Philadelphia experiment in 1943; this is the same experiment is associated with the assassination of Kennedy. In addition, the experiment led to the disappearance of a complete battleship from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard during the same year of its establishment.

Comparing all the government cover-ups, the Montauk project originally known, as project ‘PHOENIX II’ is among the leading government secrets which ever existed that are extremely guarded up to date. After the project PHOENIX I was canceled, everyone involved with the project was perturbed and worried about the twenty years they invested in creating mind control and covert technologies; apparently, congress did not allow the use of both. Still determined, the researchers targeted one organization that they were certain would be interested in conducting additional research and development of all the elements engineered by the phoenix project; the military. As anticipated, the military really delighted about the notion of establishing a system of ammunition that would enable them to conquer their enemies without firing a single shot. Consequently, they gave the project a go-ahead placing the phoenix people in a deserted location where they would recondition the experiments. Moreover, the military agreed to supply the necessary personnel and equipment the project needed them to accomplish their mission.

Montauk was the perfect location for Camp Hero that would act as the secret military establishment that would dig into psychic warfare, time travel, object creation research, and teleportation. The most distinct section of the 278-acre spot is the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) radar tower that is 120-foot featuring a 70-ton dish that has been in ruins since the place was given out to New York State as a federal park.

Formerly, the dish was said to transfer signals within the range of 420 to 450 MHz so that they would be able to permeate human consciousness making people vulnerable to mind control trials. After scientists found out that the prevailing atmosphere of the base varied with the pulse together with the frequency of the radar system, they conducted their first major test with the SAGE dish. Later on, in 1973, the researchers advanced to if it could be possible or not to change the minds of large crowds of people in a moment. They started such experiments with soldiers before proceeding to inhabitants of Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, and New York. No records exist which clarify what really happened to them but it is not surprising since because it is not the first time for the United States government to carry out tests without the knowledge of targeted civilians.

The Montauk Chair was another important tool apart from the SAGE dish; it was among the most important objects of technology for the Montauk Project. The interface gadget was used to improve the psychic energy of a test subject to assist them to execute a number of tasks. Currently, no one can know or recall the source of the technology. It is still unclear but it is highly likely that some of the components of this chair originated from extra-terrestrial energy. In 1974, the first model of the Montauk chair permitted any person with psychic abilities to transfer their thoughts to another secondary base in Long Island. However, a major problem was the psychics started conveying a false reality, which developed time glitches. The glitches continued to worsen so much that they had to fabricate another second chair that could be helpful throughout the remaining part of the Montauk project.

According to Duncan Cameron, the most proficient representative of the team of researchers in the project, the motive of spontaneous object creation was for him to be able to visualize any object like a gun or a watch and materialize the same object to another place within the base; some extremes also called for visualizing and materializing buildings. Cameron was the pioneer of forming solid objects with telekinesis sourcing energy from the Montauk chair.

Other researchers from the Montauk Project reported that the amount of power Cameron acquired from the chair would determine the type of objects he could create. Strong power enabled him to build permanent objects that were only limited by his imagination while with less power or a weaker signal; items would fade or be intangible when the power source of the chair was turned off.

Everyone involved in the project was brainwashed and purged on August 12, 1983, following the closure of the project. Any surviving equipment was destroyed as well to prevent leaving behind any sensitive information. The underground base is still utilized currently to operate several covert black ops programs. This is true because from 1984, Cam Hero’s deed was awarded as a parkland to the state and it was very clear in the paper work that the government owns everything below and on the surface of the defunct base.