Mexican Swine Flu

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Hidden truths about swine flu The swine flu H1N1 was first discovered in Mexico in April. The flu was not stuck in one place but it was spread gradually from one area to another that doctors consider that is a virus is dominant flu strain today, throughout the world. In some areas, it was just disease-mongering that create different and strange conspiracy about the involvement of CIA and government officials. The doctors often denoted that if, you have flu and illness in this season, and it could be swine flu. According to a representative named Gregory Hartl, speaking on epidemic and pandemic diseases who are appointed at the Geneva-based World Health Organization " Right now, inside flu movement, we are seeing that over the globe most of flu action is brought about by the H1N1 infection," Different researchers and doctors are reporting different theories about swine flu but the only way to know about it, the laboratory test but this process is time-consuming at the same time. According to hidden facts and news, the swine flu is just planted in different places by the CIA but later CIA denies these entire allegations.

Conspiracy of Cuba and CIA interference: According to the government officials, the worst situation of swine flu could be over but Cuba has experienced the very first case of swine flu. The officials of Cuba were placing some strict limits on the travel from Mexico because it was the origin of this virus. The U.S authorities denied of this virus and its existence in Mexico but the local medical student of Mexico has confirmed about the virus having in the State. According to Fidel Castro, he has a conspiracy theory, and also took it to the high authorities’ website: according to him,

"The main thing that can be affirmed currently is that it was not the CIA that presented it. It originated from Mexico... Mexican experts did not educate the world regarding the nearness of the influenza infection while they were anticipating Obama's visit, and now they are taking steps to suspend President Calderón's visit, something that had been as of now done before due to other justifiable and non-influenza pestilence related reasons. Now, we and many different nations are recognizing the cold hard reality and over that we are being blamed for utilizing destructive measures against Mexico.” The Fidel's conspiracy theory is considered more reliable as compared to putting any allegation on the CIA or claiming it for the introduction. Swine flu in Mexico, public manipulation by CIA: Everybody is panicked about the present episode of swine influenza. Day by day photographs of Mexican residents with therapeutic face and putting mask feature the gigantic peril of a pandemic. The expressions "swine influenza" and "swine fever" are regularly utilized reciprocally, and it creates the impression that restoratively they are one and the equivalent. What's frightening about this episode is the hybrid of infection from creature to human – something expected to be "uncommon." According to Monday's SF Chronicle, swine influenza is "a type of flu type A that commonly is exceptionally irresistible – yet not lethal – in pigs and is once in a while passed on to people … The new strain is an unordinary mix of infections that normally contaminate winged animals, pigs, and people independently. It's a type of flu, known as H1N1 that people have been presented to previously, yet never this specific strain." However few know that the United States government, acting through the CIA and hostile to socialist outcast agents, once was engaged with intentionally bringing precisely such a sickness into Cuba for the motivations behind destabilizing the Cuban economy and urging residential restriction to Fidel Castro. Reports on CIA conspiracy: 1. On 10th January, 1977, the story initially showed up of the San Francisco Chronicle’s fist page who obtain from the Newsday that the feature was the Mystery of 1971 –the Cuban Pig Virus had reported a link of CIA in it." Note the declaration that such ailments can't traverse to people: 2. "Within any event the implicit sponsorship of U.S. Focal Intelligence Agency authorities, agents connected to against Castro fear-based oppressors brought African swine fever infection into Cuba in 1971. A month and a half later, an episode of the ailment constrained the butcher of 500,000 pigs to anticipate an across the country creature pestilence. 3. The 1971 episode, the solitary time the ailment has hit the Western Hemisphere, was named the 'most disturbing occasion' of 1971 by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization. African swine fever is an exceptionally infectious and generally deadly popular sickness that contaminates just pigs and, in contrast to swine influenza, can't be transmitted to people." 4. Sound Area columnist and all-around meddler Warren Hinckle later incorporated this story in his 1981 title The Fish is Red – The Story of the Secret War against Castro. In it, he depicted this occasion, one of numerous by the CIA to undermine Cuba. His record puts the episode a year sooner, however, the essential occasion components continued as before: 5. "In the March 1970 an American official goes with an ampoule of swine fever infection in African to a psychological militant gathering. This vial was taken by angling trawler to Navassa Island, which had been utilized in the past by the CIA as a development base, and was carried into Cuba, a month and a half later Cuba endured the primary episode of the swine fever in the Western Hemisphere; pig groups were pulverized, causing a genuine lack of pork, the country's dietary staple. The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization considered it the 'most disturbing occasion' of the year and uselessly attempted to find "how the sickness had been transmitted."

Thus, while it's proper to be worried about the dangers of this episode, the United States government should shun condemning the general wellbeing rehearses at our neighbor toward the South. Conclusion: The swine flu virus becomes the main target by officials and others who make different conspiracy theories about this disease. Some people say it just disease mongering and nothing else and there is no such thing happened anywhere. According to some officials CIA related to this public manipulation because of many political reasons.