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Instructing a belief or an ideology in a dictatorial manner is known as indoctrination. Indoctrination can happen subtly for instance in our current society, we watch movies, magazines, the advertisements, magazines, newspapers, entertainment, television news, social media outlets, which act like the dictators in our cultural and political models; the whole media, in general, are active in indoctrination masses. The current day mass media indoctrination serves to control behavior, sway opinions and destroy critical thinking skills.

Mass media indoctrination can also be described as a subtle process since most are never aware of the possibility of being hypnotized as they sit close and watch the TV. It is done in a crafty way to the extent of accepting everything that you see without clearly analyzing, thinking, analyzing or even making any inquests.

Mass media has always been a powerful tool utilized to gain control over the minds of many people. In fact, recent research and investigations publicly expose how the bigger media companies are all out to restrain the efforts of independent people and investigations as well as to intimidate anyone or any group that aims at interfering with the objectives of their special interests; they also get rid of diversity in all forms of information they give the public. Because of the influence of very powerful companies over the kind of information people should receive daily, the majority of members of the public never knows the comments and discoveries.

Concerning just one instance of watching television, a scholar known as Hebert Krugman compared mass media indoctrination to hypnosis. According to his research, he was able to establish that in the first 30 seconds when a person views the television, the brain waves convert from majorly beta waves, which indicate sharp and conscious attention, to mainly alpha waves, which show a distorted, receptive reduction of attention. The left hemisphere of the brain that makes up information analytically and reasonably will tune out when someone is watching the television while the right portion of the brain that channels information non-critically and emotionally, will operate without any interruption. Because of this entire process, TV conveys information that is not well thought about at that point of viewing which is so much similar to hypnosis. When we view the TV, we do not intentionally reason with the information coming from our unconscious part during that time of transmission; therefore, the viewer will be more open and moldable.

The powerful companies definitely will never work alone in mass media indoctrination. It is because they have the backing of the federal government together with several other multinational corporations to carefully propagate carefully prepared messages. By means of other mainstream media including the television, these organizations tell the people what to worry about, what to think about, what to be really scared of, what should be acceptable, what should be frowned upon, and what to smile about.

In most countries, the partnership of the companies and the government has been able to promote the perception that every newscaster is a very trustworthy individual that presents accurate and true information. For example in the United States, the pentagon had to spend more than $2 billion in order to compensate large media corporations for spreading out public relations messages. Such messages are normally delivered to every television viewer in the form of news transmitted by the TV station and not as produced and paid for by the pentagon.

In 2008, pharmaceutical companies notably the Big Pharma were also involved since they paid approximately $4 billion only for advertising that took into consideration video news releases and uniquely prepared items, which are transmitted with nightly news feigned as researched and publicized by local stations. They will also appear at the back of the newspapers. To detect and confirm this form of media indoctrination, one can notice that for these articles, there is a link claiming that the research was carried out by some universities; these particular universities are paid by multinationals to provide the results for their own benefits.

Mass media indoctrination and population control[edit]

In Rangpur district, northern Bangladesh, the media was deeply involved in advertising family planning activities to build up a social movement with the objective of containing population growth rate; that is how vital the role of the media was in the governments' agenda for population control in January 2016. The deputy commissioner in charge of Panchagargh spearheaded the campaigns but the media workers made it easier on his part since they were able to spread the important message about not having more than two children. Consequently, the government was able to initiate and accomplish its population control program successfully.

With all these events taking place behind the scenes, the wide population has been conned into believing that they can indeed trust some major media outlets. Subsequently, they direct their brand loyalty to certain magazines, newspapers, and television stations. It is common to find many tricked individuals who believe that it is only the mainstream media which conveys objective news while the rest that is outside the mainstream are report questionable news.

Mass media indoctrination by predictive programming[edit]

Almost every major media news network consistently hits us with the probability of a never-ending amount of scenarios that, in turn, produce fear and then model how we react to real situations. This is known as predictive programming, and it gets us used to an idea so that in case it happens, we expect it, and we don’t need to react or question. Even though many individuals look at television programming in terms of the shows that are aired on the TV, it also refers to the programming of the minds of people that happens on a daily basis. Many people would think that they are merely being entertained, but they won't be aware that their way of life is shaped for them or that their thoughts are being given to them.

Unfortunately, it has reached the point where the vast population believes that it is unthinkable for the TV to lie to them. Quite a number of people now will not pay attention to any other information not delivered by the mainstream media; they simply will not care about any other news apart from the one covered in the nighttime news. This is the actual mentality which major media companies and the government behind this want us to adopt so that we wilfully remain oblivious and subjects to every other direction the give us. Our irrational and loyal viewership works to the gain.

How predictive programming works[edit]

Predictive programming familiarizes people with concepts, ideas, and fear; consequently, they won't question specific interventions in the future. The TV only gives us the kind of messages that should be stuck in our minds and provides us with the button to push and in what sequence. When this process carries on the right way with the intended production and the intended propaganda, the public will therefore react and act precisely as they have been programmed to perform.

When an entity consistently controls how to manage information, they subtly control the people taking in the news. You can refer the fabricated and controlled information on the TV as the signal; the signal is responsible for shaping and guiding the masses to their conclusions. When we come to the conclusion that what the media does is intentionally deceive us, we can be able to take back our minds. Once you turn off the TV, you will be surprised that the world you are living in is all of a sudden very unfamiliar to you. You will notice that news that has got no importance is continuously scrutinized and debated; besides, when you listen to what people around you talk about, you will realize they are talking robots since they only repeat what they previously heard on the news. Subsequently, you will look at them as people who are incapable of thinking or reasoning for themselves. What they will only do is parrot about the information they previously heard or saw in the night’s news.

Dealing with predictive programming propagated by mass media indoctrination[edit]

We should make it our aim to assist each other to recognize the effects of mass media indoctrination before mind control advances to total control. It is because mass media takes one problem by either formulating it or allowing it to happen then present it to the general population. Such issues revolve around terrorism, extraterrestrials as with NASA, molestation, and many others. Such topics undoubtedly create fear and no person in their right mind would support crime or terrorism.

For instance, if the media faces problems, the public will ask for an instant solution. The solution will more likely be the improvement of security. It may be tough, but at the same time, it translates indirectly to less privacy and less freedom. Cameras are being installed everywhere for safety purposes. Most people have their fingerprints put in a database for safety reasons, and you will have to show who you are every second of the day because of safety reasons. Anyone who is conscious of critical thinking will have to question this. It is evident to everyone that this scenario will eventually be total control by the government.

The government will be able to monitor all our moves, seeing what we do and listen to what we are talking about. In the future, they will also be able to know where and at what time we are going somewhere. And what will happen if they notice something or someone that they don’t like? It can be an obstacle for them because they will be falsely accused and be put in jail; the government may block the individual’s paths so that his life may be more miserable to some extremes, the person is killed. It is not something new, and it has happened multiple times. The only way to prevent this from happening is by becoming conscious and aware of what is going on and letting more people know. It is vital because they won’t think, act, and say or follow everything that is being told to them; in turn, they will start making their conclusions.

The steps of mass media indoctrination[edit]

For mass-media indoctrination to be effective, it begins when most people are young especially at school by their teachers. Afterward, the media develops the mirage of political freedom and employs simplistic stereotypes to control public opinion. Mostly, its all about mixing facts with lies and purporting that a big lie is typically more convincing than a small lie. To keep the masses well-fed and distracted, the government uses the media to give the people ‘bread and circuses’.

Mass media has the habit of simplifying complex issues by depicting them as dichotomies; they eliminate any refinements or slight differences. Spreading propaganda by every means possible is what they excel at; with the help of the government, they isolate dissenters through defamation or ridicule. Additionally, mass media is responsible for manipulating history records to support your ideology or religion, and they claim that faith in the correctness of an ideology or a religion is more powerful than any force. Subtly, they control opposing sides of the same debate, but you will control the outcome. They capitalize on the fact that the masses are more likely to be swayed by stirring their emotions rather than by reason.

The government will use the media to drive opposition in a corner, and when the opposition fights back, they act like victims. Moreover, they term all non-conformistic attitude as pathological, and they promote specific ‘cures’ to deal with them. Finally, they employ mass events and rituals to make people occupied and fortify their faith.

How mass media indoctrination works[edit]

As part of the millennial generation, it is easy to encounter most people who were wholly exposed to and duped by mass media from childhood. What mass media does is to implement the same basic narratives in people’s minds politically and culturally with very little evolvement with regards to the events or trends that develop at that time. Mass media constantly implements such narratives into the minds of society collectively.

In terms of culture, the media has from long ago been the prime mover of our self-image, our values, the people we idolize, our implicit biases, the people we want to behave and look like, what we consider meaningful, the people we examine closely and profile perhaps unfairly, notable achievements we feel we should strive for, the people we idolize, and possessions which determine how successful we are. The media always establishes all standards in relation to where we stand as a society.

In the political domain, the media deceives us primarily because they are the main source of education and information, and they capitalize on this to their fullest advantage. All through the years, mergers have allowed the way information flows around us to be under the control of only six corporations namely CBS, News-Corp, Viacom, Disney, Time Warner, and General Electric. These corporations are responsible of telling us who and what to trust and not to trust, who should be the hero and who is the villain, what to believe in and what to consider a lie; they also conceal the truth in the shadows and tell out narratives and sound bites that are entirely lies.

Modern-day mass media are the dominant influence in our society; every generation included. Whether we are ten years old, thirty years old or seventy years old, we still fall captive to it. Media has conditioned us culturally and left most of us in a state of hypnosis. We are under deceptive information that we subconsciously allow to place decrees on our perception of others and most importantly of others.

Every single thing we read, hear or see be it a fictional television series, a news story or an advertisement finds its way through our minds and alters our judgment or perception which in turn has a bearing on our behavior. We are the bolts and nuts of a society that is robotic and which is being constructed to completely and fully conform. Up to date, we are being built to function under the control of the major six corporate entities which educate us and inform us and some or all of their colleagues.

Since we are part of the free world, as a society, we have an obligation not only to transform education but to unitedly enter a state of consciousness. We have to handle our education ourselves and to start thinking critically once more. We cannot continuously perpetuate an ongoing battle about our freedom and the molding of our perception of matters which is being covered up exceptionally well by the media. We must cut the cord now and save our expectations about ourselves, our attitudes, our values, and our negative paradigms towards others primarily on the basis of social class and race. It is possible to save our freedom and keep off from falling deep into the entrenchments of conformity. We can take a giant leap forward once again in our objective of operating by the people and for the people.

Current examples of mass media indoctrination[edit]

There are several examples of how people are being indoctrinated in the United States today. Apart from the apparent methods mass media uses to indoctrinate the masses, there is another aspect known as social media engineering advanced by the media. Such include soft bans, dark posts, and to some extent news stories and targeted ads, exploited feed as well as search results, bias in mainstream news that may be clear or dangerously unclear, and the failure to determine whether the news you watch online is continuously filtered by means of algorithms aimed at tailoring the web for you. All of these are considerably out in the open.

Brainwashing from childhood[edit]

Additionally, the mass media still uses several closed featuring extremists in our borders who use indoctrination and literal brainwashing and frequently cult-like tactics to inculcate theologies and their values in young ones and adherents. But mostly, they aim to indoctrinate a lot of children like as much as they probably can have, since each child is looked up as potential ammunition in their ever-growing arsenal. when they get older, these children will be the future voters and evangelists that will work towards converting the legal system and other parts of the world to conform to their system of beliefs.

How the media portrays Russia[edit]

Another excellent example of how the government employs mass media to indoctrinate most people in the United States today is about the representation of Russia together with its leader Vladimir Putin. The media portrays President Putin as a power-hungry leader that attempts to restore the previous Soviet Empire. However, his actions do not support these allegations. Propaganda is very noticeable against any country that looks forward to maintaining an independent foreign policy.

How the media portrays war[edit]

Another example is what happens in Iraq. The US media shows that the troubles faced in the war-torn country are the results of religious fanaticism and many others reasons but what the media never mentions is the United States participates in creating the chaos witnessed in Iraq today. Formerly, before the United States invaded Iraq, the country was under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, and he wasn’t a religious leader. The land was stable although, in some instances, he was brutal; but looking at the country today, it is in total chaos.

The media indoctrinates us by having a say on what is essential while they ignore topics that may be very crucial. For example, we are given loads of information about celebrities to act as a distraction from; the media doesn’t inform us about the increasing wealth gap and the effects of that gap on the nation as a whole.

Most people are concerned about social injustice, and they wonder when they started believing that they can justify hate, oppression, and violence all in the name of tolerance, love, and peace. But all this began with the media. Up to date, Fox News, the propaganda network is a perfect example of a biased group that tries to pass news as ‘majority’ views. Notably, it trades in the politics of hate-mongering and fear, and they refuse to take responsibility for their fabricated information; they have horrible ethics as well.

In the aftermath of GFC (Global Financial Crisis) that started in 2007 in the US, the policy reacted to the issue by placing their focus on how to ‘reform’ or stabilize the global financial system; however, this step was strictly within controlled limits with the objective of preserving the status quo. The steps included, outrageous fees irrespective of company share price or how the bankers performed, excessive bonuses unrelated to performance or share price, minimum regulation of the sector, and innovative complexity of financial mechanisms. The existing challenge revolved around making the system work better, instead of replacing it with something less dangerous and volatile, or more humane and just.

How mass media indoctrination is a threat to young ones[edit]

The primary and constant mode of indoctrination of citizens is the media. As early as age 2, you will start getting ‘hit’ by the media, and it will shape your perception of what is perfect and desirable, what is considered normal and what isn’t, and what is acceptable and what isn’t. When you advance in age, you will receive indoctrination in a similar manner with regards to behaviors, ideologies, and politics. Public school indoctrination is to blame for this as well. The media uses TV series, movies, and entertainment programs to continually paint a specific picture for life to children; for instance, they show which types of schools to go to, how to measure success in terms of work, the amount of money to make, who to marry, the house to buy. The government also propels this idea to an extent where nothing should disturb this format of society.


In addition to that, the media carves out the political opinion of not only children but everyone for an extra serving in the elections. Candidates who are not desirable are mostly left out during coverage or made invisible, while preferred candidates are the ones always pushed. Any candidate or notion which disturbs the corporate-state ruling class is just excluded and besmirched and criticized if not possible left out. Eventually, it would be conflicting for a private TV station to provide coverage to candidates or beliefs that would damage the profits of the owners isn’t.

Indoctrination in general[edit]

Indoctrination is a prominent feature of societies that characterize themselves as free. Apparently, it is a typical case in states where their coercive powers are insufficient and weakest to the extent that inflicting fear and violence to control the population won’t suffice. From the early 1930s, indoctrination has been viewed in debasing terms.

Mass media indoctrination underwrites the faith-based belief system inclusive of all monotheistic religions. It is the basic means for passing down of values from one generation to the other. Thanks to the media, it is difficult to think of any educational curriculum that doesn’t use propaganda of any kind widely.

This specific type of indoctrination is undoubtedly prevalent in persecuted and minority cultures, exclusively among first-generation migrants, since it is considered a vital tool for cultivating integrity, social cohesion, and eventually, group identity. Before laying out traditions that must be followed, or taboos that should be avoided, indoctrination initially sets up and then looks out on intellectual boundaries within which appropriate thoughts can be expressed freely. The boundaries are prescribed tightly, but they should be mainly kept invisible if they are to be efficient and remain indisputable.

The government makes sure that ensuing debates and discussions are controlled within strict limits that will not be widely recognized. In this method, the intensity of ideological control is accomplished in free societies, not by intimidation or threats, but by prescribing the scope of permitted thought. People will voluntarily believe in what they are told; they will never feel there were forced to accepting certain ideologies.

Mass media gains control over the minds of people by getting rid of controversial ideas from the contest of ideas. An implicit idea is protected from any oppositions or challenges. Constantly reinforcing implicit ideas makes the idea become accepted as part of a framework needed to even start a discussion. By controlling certain ideologies, the media makes them readily accepted; hence, they become imperative in conversations about a particular subject. It is puzzling that this is easier in societies that are open and which advocate for free speech and make room for vigorous debates and discussion; the lifeblood of every liberal democratic state.

A conducted study about an Artificial Intelligence engine gave out many great answers that reflect on what humans believe. People cannot distinguish when they are indoctrinated since they don’t find any nonconformist reliable. The right information is analogous to the dogma that is supported by the elite. It is vital for people to continue with science and allow them to be scientists themselves. Allow people to program their unique way of perceiving things. For a better society, everyone must feel they are welcome, and the rest should accept variability. Open-minded people will prevail in our community. And of course, individuals will no longer be electrically operated puppets; eventually, no media or any excellent instrument will be able to conquer people’s minds.