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The Conspiracy Theory about Government Cover Ups for the Majestic 12 Majestic 12 is an organization specifically based on some government officials, armed officers, scientists, and investigators. The whole team, till now, is a secret and nobody knows who is working in Majestic 12 and whose not. However, the organization has appeared many times in UFOs Conspiracy theories and presence of the aliens on earth and other places. The founder of Majestic 12 was Harry S. Truman, the former president of USA, who made this secret committee in 1947. The team is hidden and the agenda was also not clear that why this committee was formed. Moreover, most of the people didn’t even know about majestic 12 before 1984. The Secret of Majestic 12 Relieved: In 1984, a document from the majestic 12 got leaked in which some secrets were written regarding the aliens, their presence on earth, and spacecraft they use. This was the big news for all televisions and a shock to government officials, who have always denied regarding committee and their agendas. The government also doesn’t agree on the presence of the aliens on the globe. Due to this, the leakage of the documents appeared as a shock to govt. officials. Later on, the whole report was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI and they called it a “bogus document” and nothing else. Ufologists also show no seriousness regarding this thing. However, due to this one single document, one thing became clear that there is an agency working to investigate UFOs and Aliens and its name is Majestic 12. Why and How Did Majestic 12 Formed? According to Majestic 12 conspiracy theories, the first one popped during the World War II in which officials of the government were informed regarding a strange sort of aircraft to be evolved from nowhere and then getting crashed into New Mexico, inside the desert. Government officials and the military experts were all numb despite of winning the most expensive war of the history because they had no idea what the thing was, where did it came from, what was its aim and ambition, and what makes it to crash themselves. This is when the Majestic 12 was made, if really made, during 1947. The Traces of Aliens and UFOs on Earth: This was not the last time when the UFO or alien crafts were seen on earth as between 1947 to 1952, several incidents were reported that put light on the presence of the aliens and UFOs. During this period, a total of 16 air cards of aliens that we also call UFOs were crashed and downed by the US military. There were total of 66 aliens reportedly came towards earth in 16 UFOs from which 65 were killed while one was recovered alive. One more aircraft had been crashed by the US military officials however no record of dead or alive aliens was found during this crash. Among the total of 16 aircrafts, most of them fall in USA while only three from the outside of the borders of USA. Here are details: • One alien aircraft fell in USA state of Arizona • One alien aircraft fell in the Nevada state of USA • 11 UFOs fell in the area of Mexico Aircrafts that fell outside the borders of USA were: • One alien aircraft fell in Norway • Two UFOs fell in Mexico. These back to back incidents were so shocking that investigating each of them solely in such low time became impossible. Government Cover Ups for the Majestic 12: Government kept on covering up to the conspiracy theories about aliens and called them nothing but some fake incidents to spread fear among the nations. The Foreign and Military Intelligence, Book 1, "Last Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental tasks concerning Intelligence Activities." United States Senate, 94th Congress, second Session; report No. 94-755 proposed on April 26, 1976: "This order empowered the secretary of state to organize overseas-data exercises intended to counter socialism. A top mystery addition to NSC-4, NSC-4A, trained the chief of Central Intelligence to attempt secretive mental exercises in quest for the points set out in NSC-4. The underlying specialist given the CIA for secret activities under NSC-4A did not build up formal techniques for either planning or supporting these tasks. It just guided the DCI to "embrace undercover activities and guarantee, through contact with State and Defense, that the subsequent tasks were reliable with American approach." Later NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were to override NSC-4 and NSC-4A and extend the secret capacities significantly further. The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was contracted to complete an extended program of incognito exercises. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 approved unlawful and extra-legitimate practices and systems as being pleasant to the national security authority. The response was quick. According to the knowledge network "no openings were banished". Under NSC-10/1 an Executive Coordination Group, was built up to audit, however not affirm, undercover task recommendations. The CG was covertly entrusted to facilitate the outsider undertakings. NSC-10/1 and NSC-10/2 were translated to imply that nobody at the top needed to think about anything until it was finished and fruitful. These activities set up mitigations between the President and the data. It was proposed that this cushion fill in as a methods for the President to deny learning if holes revealed the genuine situation. Victims of the Government Cover Ups: Some official among the committee wanted to tell nation regarding the truth behind the aliens but Mr. President never wanted to disclose this secret. When it comes to those, who wanted to tell nation regarding UFOs and alien presence, we find name of James Forrestal who was Secretory of Defense. He was asked forcefully for resign. However, the idealist never remained shut till he got a severe brain stroke. Later, when he started to recover from his disease and there were chances that he would speak up again, the voice was shut by FBI officials. James Forrestal was thrown from the window of his hospital room where he died.