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What are its links with the government and entertainment industry?[edit]

Have you ever heard about Illuminati? If not, don’t move a muscle. Below are things you need to know about it.

When did it start?[edit]

In May 1st, 1776, it is the year that marks the beginning of the Illuminati era. According to history, it was referred to as Bavarian Illuminati. It was named after the place of origin Bavaria State in Germany. The founder was a Professor from Bavarian who is known as Adam Weishaupt.

It was formed at night in May 1st, 1776 close to Ingolstadt in the forest by Illuminati first members. Torch as their light, it was a group of 5 men. At that night, the rules that the order will be governed by were established. The new member admission would receive consent from them. The candidates were to have a reputation that is strong, and be socially connected, have wealth and familiarly established.

This secret society group was viewed as a threat to the fabric society. And this made the professor the state enemy. This would have stunned an immense number of his fellow compatriots by the time he turned 36 if they were to discover.

Illuminati society of secrets was banned through crackdown by the government later in the 1780s. This was spearheaded by Duke Karl Theodor in 1785. But its persistence and progress to the modern day through underground channels have been heard through rumors.

The inactiveness or silence of Illuminati after the disbandment in 1785, resurge in 1991. This was through the speech by President George, H.W. Bush in marking the cold war ended. He used a phrase popular or similar to the Illuminati main objective “New World Order”. It was followed by many interpretations some of which include: - Reconstitution of Illuminati, others state it never left.

Who is Adam Weishaupt?[edit]

The current part of modern-day Germany, it was previously known as Ingolstadt city part of the Bavaria Electorate. This was where Weishaupt was born in the year 1748. He descended from Christians who were Jewish converts. But at a young age, he was orphaned. His uncle who was a scholar, catered for his education. He enrolled Weishaupt in a school of Jesuit. He then became a professor after completion of his studies (1773). Adam lectured at the University of Ingolstadt as a Natural and Canon law Professor. Also, he started a family after getting married.

How was it discovered?[edit]

On the surface, he was just an ordinary man doing his conventional carrier. But in the year 1784, his ideas that were termed incendiary were discovered by the state of Bavarian. He believed in freedom repression by the church and the monarchy.

Convinced on the inadequacy of the religious ideas to govern society, he sorts to discover an alternative type of practices and ideas sets (“illumination”). This could be utilized for a radical change in the running of the European states.

During that period, Freemasonry society was trending. It was on expansion progress covering every part of Europe. It was offering freethinkers alternatives that were attractive. At this point Lodge joining was part of Adam thought.

However, ideas of freemasons disillusioned him. He resolved to create his own secret society. This was after being absorbed by esoteric themes based books which includes “The Kabbala” and “The Mysteries of the seven sages of Memphis”.

The Modern Day Illuminati[edit]

Are there, governments controlled by Illuminati?[edit]

In 1782, the providence eye was being adapted to be part of the US government great seal. It was accompanied by a Latin phrase that translates to “New World Order”. The providence eye had a link with Freemasonry. In 1777, the founding father of Illuminati joined masonry, where he advocated for “illumined freemasonry”.

Due to the three connections, according to the conspiracy theorist, Illuminati played the part of formation role in the history of USA. In which it is stated that it’s just a theory with no evidence which is meaningful. Except for the providence eye in the USA dollar note which is a bit harder to challenge.

The link between Illuminati and CFR[edit]

As per illuminating point of view, the CFR is their American branch whose members are part of Illuminati. Their role is to create a government of the world in order to rule over it. These group leaders together with the national leaders have an integral role to play in the Illuminati mission. In the 1920s, the CFR was founded by Edward Mandell the chief advisor of Woodrow Wilson’s the president at that time. Through his role as chief advisor, he used a lot of power and being a Marxist in the USA he hoped to form a society of socialist.

The CFR alleged formation by Mandell together with his associates, aimed at attaining United States independence and freedom destruction. It was through this that Illuminati would take control. Council main source of finance was from the foundations of Carnegie and Rockefeller in 1920s and also in 1940s. Members of CFR were invited by Roosevelt to control important positions in the Department of State. Apparently, council domination has been retained during the 60 years that have passed.

The claim in the book “Tragedy & Hope” by the Author Carroll Quigley, He was at Georgetown University as a mentor of Bill Clinton and also a CFR member:[edit]

CFR is a society branch based in America, with its origin being England. They have believed in the obliteration of the national boundaries. Through this, there will be the establishment of a single rule to govern the entire world.

A former staff in the Headquarters of FBI in Washington, Dan Smoot explanation on the purpose of the Council:[edit]

The CFR critical focus is to form a single system of the socialist world, and the USA to be made officially part of. Allegedly, presidential candidates for decades have been members of Illuminati, thus virtually making it hopeless for a nonmember of Illuminati to be elected by the country. Apparently, just before being assassinated, President John F. K became unpatriotic to CFR. The influence of Illuminati goes beyond the United States politics; it’s incorporated in the pop culture too.

Supposedly, members of CFR have control on CBS, The Washington Post, NBC, The New York Times and also includes other unmentioned News Papers. Apparently, Newsweek, Business weekly, Fortune and Times are under members of CFR management Even though the members of CFR have dominance in almost all aspect of life in America, they are not a popular group. Simply due to the involvement of the executives in communication and the journalist with the CFR, thus ensures its existence is not disclosed.

The media and News maintain silence in activities regarding the CFR. This makes it impossible for the people in America to be made aware of these presences of menace in their society and government. The protection of United States Illuminati is guaranteed by the virtue of those who claim to be members. Apart from the influence of CFR on the government of U.S. higher ranks, they also finance groups of interest that apply pressure appropriately to the government officials and agencies.

The CFR main headquarters is located at the 68th Street and Park Avenue at the corner in New York City. The donation of the building by the Rockefeller family to the CFR took place in 1929. The main objective of the organization still remains the destruction of the United States independence and freedom. The ongoing acting chairman of the board of directors is David Rockefeller.

Chester Ward, a 16 years former CFR member and also a Rear Admiral explained:[edit]

The clique that is powerful most in these groups of elitist have a single common objective: - to pioneer the United States giving in on supreme rule of their national independence. The second international member's clique within CFR comprise of, Bankers of international Wall Street with their leading Agents.

Their primary motive is the monopoly of the World Bank, irrespective of who controls the Global Government at the end. Apart from those, they allegedly have dominance in Military, Tax-exempt Foundations, Corporate America, Academia and Labor Unions.

Illuminati in the Pop Culture[edit]

Since the resurgence of Illuminati in 1991, its borders have gone beyond the political influence. It has now infiltrated popular cultures. Most common is the music industry. There are some popular and well successful artists who have been linked to it. Most of who have replied with denial comments. But as per the many theories which give the exact character of Illuminati member, you will, of course, expect them to deny. What links them to this society is the use of symbols which majorly defines Illuminati. Think about it, if the symbol is used once at an occasion or song to boost the record sale, the injustice of convicting an artist as a member would be felt. But for most of them, it's more than just occasional use of it, they have made it part of their label. It’s as if denotation from Illuminati “we are here to rule”.

Below are some of the symbols with the famous and influential people it’s tied with. The pyramid is both Illuminati and Freemasonry symbol. This symbol has been observed made by various influential artists such as Jay Z, Rihana, Beyonce, Kanye West, and many other pop artists. The pyramid when portrayed specifically with a separate capstone. The pyramid defines every social and economic class that has influences from the bottom to the top. The capstone is the representation of the great elite, with purported self-elevation to be above mankind.

The eye symbol, it’s also known as the eye of the god. It has been popularly used by many artists such as Lady Gaga, Eminem, Angelina Jolie Chris brown and many more. This has been seen through the artists covering one of the eyes, during events or appearances. The OK sign, using the hand, in this category, there is an endless users list. This is used by the most prominent including some of the presidents of the United States. The artists are also among the many users including both musician and movies actors.

The first appearances of Illuminati in music date back in 1995 remix. It was a hip hop song addressing the beef between Tupac and LL Cool J’s. What marked the beginning of the Illuminati era was the key line in that prodigy. It’s remembered by everyone, it was Illuminati first time mention on wax prominently. “Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body.”

This marked the Genesis of the completely fresh school of thought in the music of hip hop. It could be characterized as both informed but with bits of paranoia and suspicion. The prodigy depicted the conspiracy theory of illumination with an idea that a shadowy network of individuals who are powerful and their focus is control of the society through rebuilding into “New World Order” which will be under a worldwide totalitarian government.

Almost at a similar time, it was referenced to Cell Therapy by Cee Lo Green. With the claim: - “Traces of the New World Order/Time is getting shorter if we don’t get prepared/People it's gone’ be a slaughter.” Illuminati mentions in the music of hip hop escalated rapidly from there. In the 1996 debut Reasonable Doubt, Jay- Z took lines of prodigy sampled from “I Shot Ya” for “D’ Evils”. This sparked the claims of his association with Illuminati.

However, the talks of Illuminati drowned until 2008. After which, there was a publication of an ‘open letter’ to URB magazine from prodigy written while in jail. In the letter, he alleged that Jay Z, an old rival promotes the beast lifestyle. This resurfaced the talks on Illuminati.


In the tracks of history that forms the United States foundation, this secret society has been part of it. This ranges from prominent leaders to the creation of United States currency. To ensure complete control or brainwashing of everyone, they have infiltrated the major industry “Entertainment”. In which most if not all of the people in the world are connected to. With many influential and prominent people revealing their identities with Illuminati signs, it leaves us with the question. Have the Illuminati gained control of the world?