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Hollow Earth Theory Introduction The Earth could be hollow. The hollow earth concept demonstrates that the planet Earth is entirely hollow. However, there has always been a cover-up involving this concept. For many centuries, the Hollow Earth conspiracy theorists have tried to prove that the Earth is hollow and that there is a whole other world beneath our planet Earth. This concept was suggested by Edmond Halley in the late 17th century, but it was strongly disapproved by Pierre Bouguer in 1740. The Hollow Earth was still occasionally defended by John Cleves Symmes Jr. and Jeremiah N. Reynolds through the 19th century. While a lot of information we receive from NASA and environmental agencies may be accurate, there is still much to be discovered about our planet. It doesn’t mean that NASA gets everything right, they may get something wrong or even cover-up for something maybe because they are not quite sure about it. The Hollow Earth Theory Many people are convinced that the Earth is a hollow shell with a civilization of earthly ancients residing underground. Since our early years, we all tend to think so. Jules Verne, the French Novelist who is known for his series Voyages extraordinaire, wrote Journey to The Center of The Earth around the time that the belief in a hollow Earth was really high.

As earlier mentioned, the Hollow Earth concept was originally proposed in the 17th century by Edmond Halley. Edmond is the one who discovered the eponymous short-orbit comet that moves past Earth every 75 years or thereabout. He believed that the Earth comprised of several concentric shells by individual atmospheres, with the outermost layer having a thickness of about 500 miles. According to Halley, the natural phenomena like the Aurora Borealis and magnetic field variance were products of the multiple layers which moved independently of each other. We do indeed have the Aurora Borealis and the magnetic fields on our planet. As a result, nobody should completely rule out what Halley believed. 

More than a century later, in the 19th century, Edmond Halley’s theory was notably defended by John Cleves Symmes. Symmes published on a paper explaining his intentions to travel to the Earth’s interior. In fact, he devoted the rest of his life looking for support for a hollow Earth expedition. Unfortunately, he fell sick during a trip to Quebec to give a lecture on his theory. Symmes died even before his journey came to fruition, but his ambition inspired the Arctic exploration and the first trip to Antarctica in 1838. Today, there is a small group of Hollow Earth believers who are outspoken about this concept and are fighting valiantly to validate their ideas through websites, books, meetings and even some ambitious expedition plans. One of the today’s Hollow Earth believers, Rodney Cluff states that his conception of the Hollow Earth, based on his research is that the shell of the Earth is about 800 miles thick, from the outside to the inner surface. Cluff is the author of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow. Cluff states that half of our planet is taken up by surface weight and then there is empty space, and then something else. He says that there is an interior sun that is divided by day and night sides and is suspended in the centre of that hollow. He further states that the other part of the Hollow Earth theory is that near the North and South Pole are substantial openings that lead into the interior. While the Hollow Earth theory sounds like science fiction, and often presented as such, history’s greatest scientists have subscribed to the theory. Admiral Byrd and The Hollow Earth Expedition Between the time of the Great Depression and WWII, Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the US Navy pioneered the exploration of the poles. After several trips to the arctic territories, there is one Byrd narrative that stands out from the rest, and that is his record-setting flight over the North Pole. Based on his diary written during his polar flight, Byrd encountered a warm, lush climate with mammoth-like creatures and an ancient human race that had been living within the Earth. His plane was commandeered mid-air and landed for him by people in the centre of the Earth who intercepted his plane with saucer-shaped aircraft. Upon landing, he was met by emissaries of civilization many perceive to be mythical Agartha. The Agarthans expressed their concern about humanity’s use of atomic bombs during the Second World War and so they sent Byrd as their ambassador to the U.S government to relay their sentiment. The diary is actually dated February 1947 and it covers Byrd’s inaugural flight over the North Pole, but he achieved his feat more than 20 years earlier on May 9, 1926. After further inspection, it is alleged that Byrd probably lied about getting to the North Pole and instead he fabricated his navigation records, stealing credit from another team that actually set the record a few days later. The Notorious Operation Highjump, one of the largest operation ever conducted in Antarctica came after the Byrd’s expedition. This operation involved over 4,000 men who sent to study, map and reside on the continent for eight months. Later, the expedition and the operation led to the establishment of an American military presence in Antarctica, which is prohibited today. But why was there so much rush to facilitate the occupation of Antarctica? After some time, Byrd told a reporter for the Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, that he learned from the expedition that the U.S should be ready for the possibility of hostile planes coming from the Polar Regions as part of a recapitulation of his own polar experience. This was taken as the evidence of the flying craft he came across coming from what is assumed to be Agartha. The Nazis at The Center of The Earth It well-documented that the Nazi’s explored the arctic regions to establish bases and test novel weaponry. Moreover, it is also documented that Hitler and the Nazi’s were so much into esotericism and the occult. There are Nazi maps that are believed to be instructions for reaching Agartha. Karl Unger, a German U-boat navigator wrote a letter that claims that U-209 made it to Agartha and that the Earth is hollow. In the letter, Karl mentions the notorious German Generals Karl Haushofer and Rudolf Hess, whereby he says they were correct about the Hollow Earth theory. There is plenty of evidence that the Nazis spent a lot of time and other resources searching for Agartha which would be the last resort for Hitler to escape in case of emergency. This somewhat warranties this conspiracy. Fear of a Hollow Earth You want to ask if it is believed the Earth is, in fact, hollow, and home to all manner of a great race and megafauna, then why have we never get in touch with them, or even gone there? Cluff states that we have an international banking conspiracy that has tried to cover up the existence of the Hollow Earth and even hide evidence of any Symmes Holes. This can be regarded as some sort of paranoid conspirational thinking that tends to make for another hallmark among modern Hollow Earth believers, there is no other that’s keeping us from contacting and getting engaged with the wonders of the inner Earth, especially because we have a great level of technology and exploratory ability. Cluff was a part of the expedition known as the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition. Unfortunately, the expedition was halted after several setbacks including members of the team falling victim to calamities such as cancer and fatal plane crashes. Had the expedition gone been successful, the team would have gotten to the North Pole where they would have attempted to contact those living in the Hollow Earth through the hole they believed they would find. Cluff actually believes that the setbacks they encountered until they halted the project was indeed the work of the international banking conspiracy. However, he is still hopeful they e will get the funding and a new leader to help fulfil the objective of the expedition. On the other hand, if the expedition project is not continued, the Hollow Earth theory will continue being with us. Until we get to the hole or peer into the Earth’s core, we cannot entirely reject this theory or even say that there are no huge people, megafauna or the sun at the centre. Or maybe we can only wait for the new world order to take effect to help us get in touch with the wonders of the hollow Earth.