Global Warming Hoax

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Today, global warming is a huge issue facing the world. However, there are some people who believe that global warming or climate change is a hoax. Others believe that climate change is real and that we are not heading in the right direction. Global warming can be defined as the changes in climates and temperatures and can be experienced in countries all over the world. There are many people including the famous ones and those in power who believe that global warming is actually an example of fake science. Others believe that it actually exists but not to the degree that some perceive or claim. Those who believe that it is actually hoax have reasons for their belief.

No Real Evidence[edit]

The lack of evidence is one of the main reasons why some people believe that global warming is a hoax. In fact, President Donald Trump told the American public that did not believe in climate change simply because he didn’t see any real evidence. This was according to an article by the Huffington Post. This comment by Donald Trump has actually been made by many people since the 2016 election and since the American president pulled out of the Paris Accords. The Paris Accords is a pact that is signed by several countries to change their environmental practices. It is very clear that people cannot be made to believe that global warming is real if there is no real evidence. However, there are people who claim that there is evidence out there, and they believe that those who deny climate change exists do not want to look at that evidence. Moreover, there are claims that any evidence that tends to prove global warming exists is a type of fake science done by those who want to change public opinions. Today, there are many occasions where groups of people want to change the opinions of people and people have become aware of such tactics. Therefore, trying to make people believe in some kind of evidence cannot work, especially among those who believe global warming is a hoax.

Own Experiences[edit]

Another great reason why people believe global warming is a hoax or in other words climate change doesn’t exist is because of their own personal experiences. There are various areas across the globe that still experience the same temperatures and climate ever since people knew about them. For instance, those who live in the American Midwest might claim that they still have snow and ice in the winter. Since they witness the same weather for a very long time, they automatically assume that climate change cannot exist because it would otherwise change their experiences.

Distrust of Science[edit]

There is a small number of people in the world today that do not believe that climate change exists, simply because they do not believe in science. A majority of these people include religious groups and sects that believe God created everything and everyone on the planet. Also, many of those who believe global warming is a hoax deny evolution and they do not want to rely on some scientific breakthroughs that occurred in the recent past. These people are only a small percentage of those who do not believe climate change exists.

No Known Cause[edit]

There is no known cause of global warming and that’s one of the main reasons why some people believe that it is a hoax. In fact, scientists cannot come to a mutual agreement on whether global warming exists or what causes it. However, there is some evidence that climate change occurred because of human intervention such as pollution. There are actually studies that dispute this claim. The key thing here is that scientists cannot agree on existence and the cause of global warming. So the common people cannot really believe anything that is about global warming. And those that do, probably they have had their opinions changed due to some claims that are not backed by the right studies. Moreover, those who believe that global warming is a hoax claim that climate change no longer exists because and that the average world temperature remained consistent for several decades. In addition, there are claims that teachers have actually stopped talking about global warming in schools. Many people will continue to deny the existence of global warming until scientists can actually find and mutually agree on the cause for it. Most people who don’t believe global warming is real, attribute it to natural cycles, not emissions from power plants, automobiles and other human activity. Fred Singer, an atmospheric physicist and an outspoken global warming sceptic and founder of the advocacy-oriented Science and Environment Policy Project said: “the observational evidence suggests that any warming from the growth of greenhouse gases is likely to be minor, difficult to detect above the natural fluctuations of the climate, and therefore inconsequential.” President Trump, before his presidency, called climate change a hoax and claimed that the idea was perpetuated by the Chinese. However, in 2018 he backed off the claim, stating that he didn’t think it was a hoax, and thought probably there was a difference. He continued to say that he didn’t know that it’s man-made.


Global warming is a huge topic in the world today and it requires serious discussion from countries all over the world. However, there is evidence that some alleging global warming as a conspiracy is part of well-funded misinformation campaigns. These campaigns are designed to create controversy and undermine the scientific consensus on climate change as well as to downplay the projected effects of global warming. However, doubts about climate change have influenced policymakers in various countries such as Canada and the US, and have really helped in forming government policies. The case of funding the misinformation about global warming was well shown by Greenpeace who presented evidence of the energy industry funding climate change denial in their ‘Exxon Secrets’ project. Moreover, according to an analysis conducted by The Carbon Brief in 2011, 9 out of 10 of the top most prolific authors who did not believe climate change is real and spoke against it had ties to ExxonMobil. Additionally, Greenpeace has stated that Koch Industries invested more than US$50 million in the past 50 years on spreading doubts or misinformation about climate change. It can be also be remembered that in 2008, ExxonMobil announced that it would be cut its funding to many of the groups that really divert attention from the need to find new sources of clean energy. However, in the same year, the company still funded other organizations who question the science of global warming and attack policies established to solve the crisis. Another survey conducted by the UK Royal Society found that in 2005 ExxonMobil gave out about US$2.9 million to 39 groups that spread the misinformation of science of climate change by outright denial the evidence.

President Trump, before his presidency, called climate change a hoax and claimed that the idea was perpetuated by the Chinese. However, in 2018 he backed off the claim, stating that he didn’t think it was a hoax, and thought probably there was a difference. He continued to say that he didn’t know that it’s man-made. Global warming is an important topic that people around the world cannot stop discussing. Those who believe that it’s real, believe that people should take steps to keep it from happening. Those who think it is a hoax often point out the lack of real evidence that it even exists. People want to see proper studies that provide real proof and evidence and point out the real cause of it. Also, they want studies that scientists will mutually agree on.

Global warming denotes a lasting increase in the earth’s average temperature. A condition affects the planet’s climate system indicated by periodical measurements of temperature and several effects that result from the warming. Apart from the increase in average air, characteristics of global warming include a rise in ocean temperatures especially since the 1900s brought about by emissions of GHGs (greenhouse gases) thanks to the booming economy of modern industries. Notably, the two terms of climate change and global warming are used mutually but the former includes global warming plus its effects one example being changes to precipitation.

The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) reported in 2013 that human influence is the primary cause of the warming for many years dating back to the mid-20th century; the major largest influence coming from the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere like methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. Projections from the climate model show that during the 21st century, there is a possibility of the surface temperature to rise from 0.3 to 1.7 or from 2.6 to 4.8 in a moderate and extreme scenario respectively. Such findings are said to be dependent on climate feedback effects and the rate of greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

However, all the above scientific discoveries about global warming are simply fabricated to suppress any possible dissent. By means of global acts of criminal and professional malpractice, the stories that fuel global warming have been created or falsified for financial and ideological reasons.

Moreover, powerful institutions and scientists engaged in such extraneous research are undoubtedly involved in the grand manipulative hoax. After the Climate Gate saga, it was discovered that the scientists realized that human activity was not the cause of concern in the issue surrounding global warming. On July 2003, the Republican senator for Oklahoma, James Inhofe, gave his speech during the United States senate committee on the environment and public works with the title ‘science for climate change’; in his statement, he expressed the likelihood that the man-made global warming was the biggest hoax ever created and promoted by phony science to the American people. he saw all the fear, paranoia, and hysteria surrounding global warming as baseless. Furthermore, he proceeded to say that some of the processes of the International Panel on Climate Change were similar to a Soviet-style trial where all the facts were carefully planned and decided in advance to deceive the rest who were oblivious to the facts. Inhofe was certain that individuals like Jacques Chirac, supporters of the well-known Kyoto protocol were looking forward to global governance.

Apart from James Inhofe, the Lavoisier group was equally able to establish that the global warming negotiations fronted by the United Nations sought to advance the twisted results of hundreds of climate scientists aimed at supporting the climate change movement to cover up and save their funding for research. In 2006, William Gray noted that global warming was just a political cause since there no other major issue affecting the government after the conclusion of the cold war. The main purpose for all the allegations about global warming was to exert political influence; he also said that the government was making several attempts for an introduction of world government and to have the masses under control.

Martin Durkin created a TV documentary called ‘The great global warming swindle’ and in it, he was able to show how global warming has experienced tremendous growth into a multi-billion dollar industry around the globe engineered by extremists and those who were against industrial environmentalists. Donald Trump voiced his concerns over global warming in 2012 and said it was a ploy by the Chinese government who created the concept to make the manufacturing industry in the United States become non-competitive.

The co-founder of the weather channel John Coleman referred to climate change as the largest scam in history. He noted that instead of the polar ice melting away, it was actually increasing; and he made all his facts known to the International Panel on Climate Change during his interview.

The Spectator was able to publish an article written by Matt Ridley where he said global warming was indeed another agenda propelled as a conspiracy against the poor all over the globe. More than 800 people can also attest to Richard Lindsay’s statement concerning the fact there is no discernible basis for talking about global warming and its aftermath because of solely relying on an increase in some minor greenhouse gases like chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, and methane. The assembly of the 800 plus was during the second yearly International Conference on Climate Change that was promoted by the Heartland Institute in March 2009; Richard Lindzen the meteorologist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the keynote speaker in the event.

Most people are starting to realize that global warming perpetuated by scientists is nothing more than a hoax. Well, they know that warming itself is happening following the rise of temperatures on the surface of the earth; however, it is due to natural cycles that part of nature and inevitable and not because of emissions from various human activities, power plants, or automobiles. In addition, according to the atmospheric physicist Fred Singer, any observable differences or evidence points out that any increase in temperatures from the rise of greenhouse gases is very minor and difficult to record or notice more than the natural changes of the climate, and hence inconsequential. The singer is the founder of the Science and Environmental Policy Project. The Environmental Defense, a non-profit organization says that the warming of the earth’s surface is actually because of an increase in the output of the sun, shifts happening in the internal climate system causing transfer of heat to the atmosphere, and an increase in absorption of the sun’s heat because certain modifications with regards to Earth’s reflectivity. Green leaders also say millennial cycles are responsible for the warming.

In spite of the time and effort invested in trying to discover the reasons behind the present warming trend, scientists have not been able to pinpoint the exact reasons; other scientists go to the extent of maximizing on the latest satellite data and support the claim that global warming is caused by the factory emissions, smokestacks, and tailpipe emissions which are responsible for the irreversible damage on the environment.