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Genetically modified food conspiracy theories are based on production and sale of foods and crops which have been produced using genetically modified plants and animals. According to the conspiracy theory, it has been claimed that most of the agribusiness companies have suppressed the date, which proved that genetically modified food could cause harm to humans. The shortage of food is the main reason that led to the utilization of genetically modified foods. The GM agencies have also taken over the government agencies that are responsible for assuring that only high-quality and safe food is served to people. Critics might say that conspiracy theory against genetically modified food is false claims but looking at the protests which have been made by people it is right that there is something wrong with the GM foods due to which people came on the roads. The conspiracy theories occurred because of the public health issues that were caused by the consumption of GM foods. There are various theories available, and we are going to discuss a few of them with you.


The conspiracy theories regarding genetically modified foods started when the public noticed the negative effects on their health after consumption of such food items for a long time. After that, there are various scientists, skeptics, and journalists who tested the theories on various spots, and they supported the anti-GMO activism. Some of the famous names included in the list are.

  • Michael Shermer, who is the writer of Scientific American.
  • Mark Lynas, who has been a governmental activist for many years.
  • Jon Entine the head and founder of the advocacy organization

People got attracted towards GM foods because of the writings that were published in the famous papers that supported GM foods and mentioned the benefits of bioethics. However, a paper published in 2013 in PLOS ONE clearly mentioned the link of conspiracy theories with the rejection of various scientific propositions that were introduced for the production of genetically modified food. They shared some statistical data that was enough to prove that conspiracy theories hold some truth in them.

There are various experts who have proved that there are pesticides and other chemicals used in the production of GM crops and foods to make them resistant against pests and insects. Paul Christou, a biochemist, and Harry Klee, a horticulturist worked on these theories and supported them after they found that in order to develop resistance in plants some harmful chemicals where being used that are dangerous for the human health. Juha Raikka also proved the conspiracy theory with reliable scientific evidence that informed the public about the harmful effects of genetically modified foods. However, there are still chances that there is some data hidden in the conspiracy theories as well which experts are trying to hide from the public. Most of the experts have made the claim that these conspiracy theories are true.


There are various companies that are promoting the production and sales of genetically modified food. However, Monsanto is one of the agribusiness companies which supported the production of GMO, and even the experts said that the company does not care about the safety and health of the public. It has been claimed that Monsanto is hiding some important information regarding the production of genetically modified food that can clearly prove that it is harmful. It has also been proved that Monsanto infiltrated FDA and AAAS due to which both authorities have supported the scientific evidence related to the safety of genetically modified food. They even supported the consumption of these foods.

Jeffrey M. Smith has clearly mentioned in his book American Conspiracy Theories that Monsanto has not only corrupted FDA but also the authorities of various other countries only to assure that sales of GMO will not stop. There are some social and food scientists who have even claimed in their work that the issues go back to 1990 when the genetically modified foods were newly introduced in the market. Since then, Monsanto has been trying to gain the attention of the authorities to assure that they will not stop the production.

It has also been mentioned that there are various well-qualified and popular scientists and groups which are supporting Monsanto and trying to stop the conspiracy theories which are trying to stop the production and sales of genetically modified food.

It would not be wrong to say that GM foods cannot be similar to traditional crops and foods. It has also been mentioned that the FDA has been corrupted due to which they are ready to support GMO despite knowing that it can be harmful to human health. There are various people working in the FDA who believe that conspiracy theory against genetically modified food is true. That is why the side story should be revealed to the public.

Cannabis hoax and GMO[edit]

Monsanto did not just stop with genetically modified foods and organisms. They were all set to create GM cannabis in 2015 to supply to the cannabis industry. However, Monsanto claimed that they are not working on the project of genetically modified cannabis, and it is fake news. It might have cleared their name, but we do not know what might have been happening in the company. =

Zika Virus theory[edit]

In early 2016 there were concerns that the main cause of Zika virus is genetically modified mosquito. It is based on the production of a mosquito Oxitec which is genetically identified, and it does not bite, and they are sterile due to which they have no offspring. However, there is no evidence available that can prove this theory right or wrong. Experts are still working to find out the hidden truth.

We all know that when we try to change the nature of things, it will surely create problems for us. That is why most of the conspiracy theories against genetically modified foods are true. Authorities should take serious actions and find the real truth so that people can know whether they should consume GM foods or not.