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If you are among the elite member, you know the answer. But if you are not, below is the truth you MUST know.[edit]

What is Freemasonry?[edit]

It’s a secret society group made up of organizations based on fraternity. There origin being traced back to stonemasons fraternities. Of which from the fourteenth-century end, they serve to regulate stonemasons’ qualifications, and also their association with the clients and the authority.

What is their history or when did it begin?[edit]

Unlike the Illuminati, there are no records or people who know the founder of this group. It can only be approximated with the historical records that are available at the public domain. Since the when or how concerning the formation of this group is untraceable, it’s only the Masonic scholar's theories that can be applied to trace the source. For instance, the fraternity arose from during the middle ages from the guilds of stonemasons’. This is a popular theory from the scholars of Mason and is accepted widely. Everything used by this fraternity from symbols to languages arose from that era. The oldest document that is their reference dates back in approximately 1390, known as Regius Poem. In which it is a copy of a work done earlier.

In the year 1717, marks the England grand lodge formation. It was formed by London’s four lodges. From that point onwards, the records were set straight. Every event is traceable and can be proven. It took about 30 years for it to spread all over the colonies of America and Europe.

As the centuries have gone by, it has developed into a fraternity that is worldwide. They have a particular emphasize, that is improving oneself, personal study, and betterment in socializing. At the end of the 1700s, it was responsible most as an organization for Enlightenment ideas spread. Their ideas were based on liberty, freedom, education, and democracy of every person. The first schools which were public in both America and Europe were formed by the fraternity.

What is freemasonry link with America first constitution?[edit]

During the 1700s, it was a period that freemasons launched their grand lodge in 1717. At this point, they had decided to centralize their activities of the different lodges. Coincidentally, decades later, the government had a constitution convention. It took part in Philadelphia the now city of Pennsylvania state. And that was in 1787. At that time a number of Masons were involved with the government. Thus in this convention, they had representatives who were also part of the voting panel. Among the signatories, who were 39 in number, meant to sign the produced fundamental law, 13 had links or association to masonry, either actively, or had been part of it in a given time of their lives. Out of thirteen, eleven were active masonry during that time of the convention. After the convention, in the year 1791 and 1806 two signatories joined the Masons, from New Jersey, William Patterson and from Maryland, James Mc Henry respectively. But the interesting bit of this history is not about the numbers, but the ideas they agreed upon. Was there an agreement between the Freemasons and the non-freemasons? Or perhaps the question should be, how did they set the constitution which deemed comfortable for either side and agreed to sign? Those are some of the questions we may never get answers to. But one thing is for sure, both parties contributed to one documented that defines the United States of America from then and even currently.

Link with the Revolutionary War (1775 – 1783)[edit]

The fraternity played a vital role in United States formation, and mostly during the revolutionary war and the circumstances that escalated its occurrence. Allegedly, rooms of the lodge in Boston Masonic Lodge, it’s believed that they functioned as rooms for dressing for the “Indians” who organized Tea Party in Boston. Paul Revere who became Massachusetts Grand Master later was believed to be among the Indians.

It’s alleged that Freemasons did not take part in the Revolutionary War, but they did take part indirectly. For instance, their ideals and objectives as a fraternity clearly outline the fight for injustice that the war was partly about. From the constitution of the mason created decades back before the war, equality, freedom, and democracy formed the better part of it. On 18th September 1793, George Washington the President, who was apparently a member of the fraternity, dressed up in their brotherhood attire, leveled up the United States Cornerstone with Masonic traditional ceremony. The significance of the symbolic ceremony in history is noted in Stephen Bullock “Revolutionary Brotherhood” book. He was a historian.

The brethren of the masons dressed well in their traditional fraternal clothe had gathered up in a grand parade, and they were made as freemasonry representatives for that moment. It represented their founded new place of glory in America Society with independence. At that occasion, the moment of laying new foundations of the republic, freemasons presume the role of “high priests” in the temple that was first dedicated to the people sovereign, and they also aid in the foundation symbol of the Great Seal (new order for the ages). That alone depicts how deeply rooted they were in the government after the war of the revolution.

What role did they play with the new government formation (After 1783)?[edit]

Due to records which are incomplete, and therefore there may be contrary to opinions. Nonetheless, out of the 56 signatories who signed the independence declaration, allegedly 24 were from freemason. But due to differing in opinions, 8 masons are usually agreed upon as the minimum of those who were signatories of the document.

Constitution formation

In another instance, the constitution signatories in the government convention 1787 in Philadelphia, out of the thirty-nine, thirteen were mason members who took part in the document signing.

The great seal of USA formation

In the list of the individuals who took part in the formation of the United States Great Seal, some of the people were known to be freemason’s members. They include Benjamin Franklin, William C. Houston, William Barton, and Thomas Jefferson. Whether the whole idea of the seal relied mostly on the work of the freemason’s expertise and design is impossible to confirm, but one thing is certain, the view of the seal from Mason who is informed is:

On the obverse side of the seal, the Eagle’s Dexter wing contains 32 feathers. According to masonry, this refers to “the number of ordinary degrees” in the freemasonry rite of the Scottish. With feathers that are 33, is the sinister wing, the feathers which are additional, corresponds with to the similar 33rd degree Rite converse for Masonic outstanding services.

The feathers of the tail which are nine in number, Depicts the chapter degrees numbers it contains, council and freemasonry York rite Commander. The masonry rite of Scottish had France as its origin; the York or American rite; clothes on the eagle portrays America and French Union of masons for equality, fraternity and liberty struggle.

Both wings have a total of 65 feathers. Through gematria Hebrew translation, it means unity in togetherness. In Psalms 133 it appears as “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”. While in Freemasonry, it applies as the first degree of their rituals. Above, it's head, the glory has twenty-four divisions, and it’s a reminder to the person observing, the gauge of the masons, that’s also similarly partitioned equally into twenty-four times and it's symbolic of the obligated service he has to perform.

The pointed five stars act as a reminder of the blazing starts of the mason and the fellowship five points. Stars arrangement in the form of constellation creates triangle’ similar to equilateral and the David star, to the dream of King David, temple building to the God according to the mind of masons. The vandalized temple rebuilt by companions and the lost word finding. Colors such as Azure, Gold, and Silver portray the master of worship, moon and sun, the ruler of the lodge, the night and the day respectively. While being connected with G or Gimel letter is silver, on the ground of Azure by the glory that is golden, is a reminder to the masons, the G letter, a conspicuous most furnishing of a room of the lodge that is proper. The shield on the breast of the eagle, with colors that attest it, that are, white (purity), red (valor) and blue (justice). According to gematria, “the value of the colors is 103”, which is phrase value of Adam stone, with faultless Ashlar or freemasonry stone that is squared. 103 also depict bonaim noun value; a signifying word rabbinical (masons builders). Therefore the color of the nation, spell out the fraternity name as per gematria. The scroll held by the beak of the eagle, with words contained “E Pluribus Unum” is also a reminder of the unity among them that has made many brothers.

On the side which is reverse, is an eye, also popular as “providence eye”. It’s seeing all eye that is fit in the capstone of the pyramid, and glory which is golden surrounds it. Apart from the design importance to the masons which is obvious, it also possesses a value of hidden meaning, of two hundred and seventy-three, which is placed in the order, three, seventy and two hundred. This can also be interpreted as the phrase value, which means the builders refused stone (ehben mosu habonim). This is a familiar phrase to all masons royal arch. To the Hebrew, has the Hiram Abiff proper noun value, Solomon’s architect of his temple, and also have the character which is principal to the use in legend mason master degree.

The pyramid is constituted by isosceles triangles that are made up of joined right angle triangle, with the sides 5, 12, and 13 in measurement. It illustrates the forty-seventh Euclid problem. The triangle portrays also, the uncompleted pyramid capstone, a reminder of the soul immortality to the masons and the completion of the capstone in eternity. The capstone depicts labor of the earth as per trestle board design of the universe supreme architect. The pyramid which is unfinished will never fail to be a reminder of conditions that are unfinished in the temple when the architect of the master is struck down by tragedy.

What influence did they have with the new government formation?[edit]

In England 1717, the creation of Masonic local lodges took place. They adopted a system, in which representatives of other lodges were sent to the grand lodge body. The grand body served as a central point to which other lodges were governed. There was an election of the grand lodge master. In the USA, 1788, a similar mode of govern-ship was being experimented. In that case, the state's representatives were sent to Congress. That means if Alexander Hamilton, a brother, had succeeded, now the president would be elected by the Congress. Am sure that sounds familiar to you.

Majority of general Washington staff and generals were apparently masons. Just to list a few of the heroes in the revolutionary war, they include Nathan Hale, John P. Jones, and Patrick Henry. According to the records, by the early 19th century, there were 347 lodges spread out in the United States.

Who are the prominent Masons of America?[edit]

As per the records and findings above, the history of the United States and the masons are much intertwined. To go into details means publishing of a book in this site, below are the names of a few of the masons below are the most popular and influential.

The U.S presidents who were allegedly masons include, G. Washington, A. Jackson, J. Munroe, J. K. Polk, A. Johnson, J. Buchanan, J. A. Garfield, T. Roosevelt, W. McKinley, W. H. Taft, F.T. Roosevelt, W.G. Harding, G. Ford, and H.S. Truman. There is also evidence that apparently, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison they were mason also.

Other than the popular masons who were president, there were those who did not manage to get the sits were also included. Thomas E. Dewey, Hubert H. Humphrey, George McGovern, Estes Kefauver, Earl Warren, and Alf Landon among the many others not mentioned.

The above shows the relation of the US government and the Mason way back before independence. They were always part of the government and served in important parts of history that form the back born of USA.