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Free energy suppression is a term than denotes how the government, some advocacy groups, and major corporations try all that the possibly can to cover up energy sources that are pollution-free, technologically feasible, and which are available at no cost. Examples of these suppressed devices are cold fusion generators, reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology, perpetual motion machines, torus generators, and many other affordable energy sources that are on the verge of being proven as efficient like the rest.

This suppression of free energy notably started in the early 19th century and the main perpetrators were deceitful investors, corporate organizations, government agencies, and several specific interest groups; these groups closely worked with the nuclear as well as the fossil fuel industry hence they were very well aware of the possibility of this ‘threat’ kicking them out of their thriving business.

For a long time now, the scientific community is responsible for regulating and concealing numerous research concerning alternative means of creating energy by means of several institutions of peer review not forgetting academic pressure. In addition, they have suppressed the existence of reliable devices like the quantum vacuum zero-point energy and others, which have the ability to derive sizable amounts of usable power using previous actual unconventional energy reserves. It reached certain extremes where some people were harassed or lost their lives because of their successful research like Stanley Meyer, Eugene Mallove, and Thomas Henry Moray.

The main perpetrators behind this suppression think that there would be a breakdown of the world capitalist in case people were capable of generating free power and electricity; the same applies if most people chose cost-effective methods rather than the prevailing methods of generating power. That is their primary reason for suppressing such revolutionary technologies. Other Supporters against this change are the oil companies. The government is still involved in weakening all renewable energy technologies like biofuels, solar, and geothermal. Their common move is buying up patents to suppress free energy.

Free energy will be beneficial since it will help restore planet earth that currently appears to be under attack. For instance, there is quite a number of nuclear power plants that have been blowing up, hot fusion, and extremely toxic radioactive waste, which finds their way to water tables at Hanford, the Russian Arctic, and Washington with these radioactive byproducts being dumped into the Columbia River. Other dangerous cases that have affected earth are the notorious oil spills like the United Kingdom oil tanker spill, and the Exxon Valdez tanker spill.

The aftermath of these oil spill accidents have eliminated breeding grounds of several species of wildlife with most of them being nearly extinct; pristine fish have massively suffered from the spills as well. All the benefits for OPEC and other multinational oil companies together with nuclear power plants are detrimental to planet earth, animal and human health. Countries also suffer as a result especially the emerging ones whose energy resources and environment are being exploited; the affected areas include South American jungles and the Russian Arctic tundra. All the negative impacts call for a much-needed current revision of policy by the government to include free energy technology into their business arrangement for a future promising enterprise.

Several pioneers admired are Nikola Tesla, Henry Moray, John Keely, and others. The two main areas of focus are zero-point magnetic energy and clean cold fusion; both are actively and passively suppressed. Rory Johnson, a bright inventor from Elgin Illinois came up with cold fusion in the late 70s. The laser-based, magnetic motor weighing 475 pounds gave out 525 HP that could move a huge bus or truck for about 100,000 miles with only 2 lbs. of gallium and deuterium. This was way back before the invention Dr. James Patterson and Pons Fleischman dealing with cold fusion technology. After their success, Johnson sought Greyhound Bus Company to negotiate the deal of installing the latest motor to a few buses in order to save fuel and cut down on the costs of maintenance. Unfortunately, Johnson was not aware of the fact that OPEC was closely keeping tabs on him and after he actively announced his plans concerning his plans to develop and distribute a leading fusion-magnetic motor, he disappeared for almost a year. He was a future competition to the oil business and the first on the hit list. They discovered that he passed on unexpectedly, but it was suspicious since he was fit and in good health. Moreover, he moved from the laboratory suddenly in one night with all his technology and motors to California before he passed away.

Another example of suppressive efforts was in 1995 when a man from Grand Coulee, Washington named Volcheck traveled throughout the United States in his car with a unique gas he developed; the gas had special expansion capabilities. When asked for the formula, he said he obtained it from Da Vinci’s unpublished notes. The gas was sufficient to prevent him from refueling on his return trip; he only used $10 worth for his gas. Immediately after his arrival, he was invited to Washington, D.C for a congratulatory meeting. In his absence, the federal Marshalls stormed into his premises and destroyed all his plans and equipment warning him against further similar projects.

Suppressive efforts also date back to 1993 at a yearly Tesla conference. An individual presented a videotape of a certain invention without the inventor’s knowledge; it was about a sophisticated tachyon generator that accessed tachyon waves to produce excess energy. The generator also had time-warping features. The next day after the Friday presentation, U.S government agents knocked at the inventor’s door demanding to see the device but after he declined, he noticed that the following day, a black helicopter hovered around the house taking pictures outside and inside. Up to date, satellites can now be able to take photographs of all items in a building.

The same situation happened to another inventor trying out an exceptional type of plasma discharge energy. The following day, the neighbors told him that a black helicopter hovered over his house for quite a number of hours taking pictures of the available technology in the basement.

The Free energy suppression conspiracy theory There are lots of theories that are still not sure to be genuine or authentic. Lots of theories are still under discussion that it could be just, myth or conspiracy, or is there any truth in them. While one of those theories is free energy suspension. Well, on the off chance that you truly accept that 9/11 was an inside activity, that U.S. President Barack Obama is a Kenyan, that man never truly strolled on the moon, or that the Loch Ness beast and Sasquatch were by one way or another associated with a universal government intrigue to shroud the realities about flying saucers that arrived in Roswell, at that point someone, someplace, presumably has gathered proof that affirms your conviction. The energy segment isn't without its own tenacious fantasies. Actually, certain parts of the energy field make it perfect for urban legends and nut case hypotheses. The astounding wealth and gigantic influence that would accumulate to anyone who found a modest, or better still free, beforehand unfamiliar energy source is the stuff of dreams. Include instant villains as the enormous oil organizations and governments worried about the vital significance of energy, and you have a ripe reproducing ground for industrious myths. So, here are going to have a look at two basic myths related to free energy suspension about which people are not sure enough. Perpetual Motion One of the major free energy suspension conspiracies is a perpetual motion machine. Just in case that if such a machine could be made, collecting the energy discharged, or even made by that motion would furnish the world with an everlastingly renewable and cheap power source and the innovator with untold wealth. It realty sounds amazing but it is not just like as you may anticipate. The issue is that the presence of such machine conflicts with the initial two laws of thermodynamics. The main law expresses that energy can neither be made nor destroyed, just moved. The second is that the entropy of an isolated system does not diminish. Taken together, these two laws make the presence of a perpetual motion machine quite impossible. Obviously, the laws of thermodynamics could not be right and it may be the case that they have basically not yet been disproven, however, individuals have been attempting to refute those laws and make a perpetual motion machine as far back as they were first expounded on more than 150 years earlier. So far each attempt has been failed. Given a decision between that straightforward truth and the raving of someone who tirades on a periphery site that a perpetual motion machine already exists yet are being covered up by enormous oil or some global government conspiracy. The Tesla Free Energy Generator The late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century designer, Nikola Tesla, has seen an ongoing flood in prevalence. He is seen by some as a freethinking, splendid researcher who practically without any help prepared for the cutting edge innovative world. This might be to some degree an exaggeration, yet there is no uncertainty that he documented licenses for some critical creations, for example, number 382,280 conceded in 1888 for the transmission of power by A.C. The energy fantasy that encompasses Tesla sprang from a case he once made that he had imagined both a free energy machine and a technique for transmitting that energy remotely. He began chipping away at a generator during the 1890s that, in his words, “would not use any kind of fuel”. In 1901, he has conceded a U.S. patent for a Device for the Utilization of Radiant Energy, and then, he was prepared to guarantee by 1931 that he had created a machine to bridle the intensity of cosmic beams. That isn't as silly as it might sound. We have been outfitting the intensity of cosmic beams from the Sun for a considerable length of time. It's called solar power. Instead of utilizing the Sun's immediate beams and their warmth, in any case, Tesla's thought was to interface the positive accuses in the climate of negative charges in the ground and produce an electric flow. This might be hypothetically conceivable, yet most gauges propose that the measure of energy produced would, practically speaking, be too little to even think about being of any utilization. This is the place the wacky conspiracy theories begin to take once again. Many cases that Tesla's development was effective and could have provided the world with plentiful, free energy, yet was stifled by the government, detestable oil industry or some other vindictive power. Others guarantee that it is flawlessly conceivable to deliver a machine that would furnish the world with free energy, however, some huge conspiracies among those enterprises and government exist to deny subsidizing for the essential research. With respect to the world's government conspiracy to counteract the structure of such a machine, that requires a conviction that these administrations can run especially viable cover ups for quite a long time. As far as we can tell, governments simply aren't that proficient. It isn't that the quest for new, inventive methods for energy generation should stop. While the perpetual motion machine might be hypothetically unthinkable and Tesla's thought may not deliver enough capacity to be of any business or practical use, that doesn't imply that exploring them can't bring about valuable data. Effects of Such Conspiracies on Us As it is above-described that all of such theories related to the free energy suspension are most of the conspiracies. There is not much truth in them. They are generally be used for the public manipulation and there is quite a scarcity in their actuality which is been described to the general population. The main impact of such conspiracies of the general population is that people start to believe in them and expect that these are possible to happen. In this case, most of the people destroy a great part of their lives practicing and researching on such conspiracies, and this is the thing that usually seems to happen after every considerable time gaps.