False Flag Operations

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A false flag operation is an operation staged by a party or a government and made to appear as though a particular party or government is responsible for it. The term originates from the old days of wooden ships when a ship would hang the flag of its enemy as a disguise to prevent the enemy from preparing for battle or fleeing. The ships would get closer to the enemy, swap to their true colours and open fire. Sometimes, the flag would remain and a particular country would be blamed incorrectly. This kind of attack was referred to as a “false flag” attack. Today, the use of false flag operations and tactics is so careful that the final step is entirely avoided, thus it becomes difficult to identify whether or not it is a false flag operation.

Historical False Flag Operations[edit]

There are many false flag operations that happened throughout history. • The Germans faked an attack on themselves by Poland, and then invaded Poland to counter the Polish aggression, thereby triggering the Second World War. The Nazis faked the attack on their own people and resources so that they could justify the invasion of Poland. The Nazis actually set fire on their own parliament, The Reichstag, and blamed the fire on others. • In another incident, in the early 1950s, agents of an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings. And left behind “evidence” that implicated the Arabs as the ones responsible. However, the bombs detonated prematurely and thus allowed the Egyptians to identify the bombers. The scandal led to the downfall of the Israeli’s defense minister along with the entire Israeli government. • Russia has been accused of conducting false flag operations in Ukraine, such as an arson attack on a Hungarian cultural centre in Uzhhorod, and was blamed on Ukrainian nationalists. A Polish neo-Nazi, however, testified that he had been paid to launch an attack by a Germany journalist with links Russia and far-right German party AFD. • The Russian KGB conducted a wave of bombings in Russia in order to justify war against Chechnya and actually put Vladimir Putin into power.

False Flags by The US[edit]

The US also has been linked to several false flag operations. For instance, as documented in the New York Times, Iranians believed to be working for the CIA in the 1950s disguised themselves as Communists and staged bombings in Iran so as to turn the public against the democratically-elected president. Also, a former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge and the former head of Italian counterintelligence, confirmed that NATO conducted terror bombings in Italy with the help of the Pentagon and CIA and actually blamed the communists in order to gain the people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism. One participant in this operation stated that they had to attack civilians, innocent people, women, children and unknown people removed from any political game. The stated that the reason for all that was to force the Italian public to turn to the state to ask for greater security. Moreover, based on various declassified US Government documents, in the 1960s, the US joint chiefs of staff signed off on a plan code which was named Operation Northwoods to blow up American airplanes as well carry out terrorist acts in the US, and then they would have all that blamed on the Cubans in order to justify an invasion of Cuba. However, the Kennedy administration objected to the implementation of these Pentagon plans and thus the operation was not conducted.

Conspiracy Theories[edit]

Some conspiracy theories have claimed that terrorist attacks in the US such as the Orland nightclub shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are false flag operations by the US government. They claimed that the goal of the attacks was to actually expand the government surveillance, disarmament of the populations or military action against blamed groups or nations. These claims were not seen as credible by most investigators. However, it should be understand that the concept of a false flag operations has indeed become the staple of almost all conspiracy theories, especially that a government would conduct an attack on their own people in order to justify something is appropriately dramatic and evil and the government would appear attractive to anyone already predisposed to the idea that the world is secretly being controlled by dark hidden forces. The 1999 apartment building bombings in Russia that killed about 293 people were hugely blamed on Muslim terrorists, but there is a group of people that claim the attack is a false flag operation by the Russian government in order to gain support for their war in Chechnya and Dagestan. This war was actually justified as a war against the Muslim terrorists. In another case, some people have argued that Edward Snowden is, or likely is, a limited hangout or simply a false flag operation. The claim appeared to be ironic given that Snowden’s NSA documents have revealed actual false flag capabilities by the Canadian government and a British dirty tricks program.

Political Campaigning[edit]

False flags have been used in attempts to discredit political opponents. This can happen where supporters of one candidate tend to pose as supporters of another. This usually can happen with or without the candidate’s knowledge. For instance, the use of false flags for political campaigning can be seen in the Canuck letter where one candidate created a false document and attributed it as coming from another candidate in order to discredit that candidate. Another event of the use of false flags in political campaigning happened in February 2011, whereby an Indiana Deputy Prosecutor Carlos Lam sent a private email to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker suggesting that he should run a false flag operation so that he could counter the protests against Walker’s proposed restrictions on public employees’ collective bargain rights. At first, Lam vehemently denied this claim, but he eventually admitted it and resigned. In fact, the press had acquired a court order to access all of Walker’s emails and that’s when Lam’s email was exposed.

Use of False Flags in Warfare[edit]

The use of false flags is generally deemed acceptable in land warfare under certain circumstances, such as to deceive the enemies but the deception should not be perfidious and such deceptions should be discarded before attacking the enemy. Similarly, this kind of deception is allowed in naval warfare only if the false flag is lowered and the true flag is raised before engaging in battle. There were auxiliary cruisers that used these tactics in both world wars, while at the same time the merchants' vessels were encouraged to use false flags for protection.