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Chemtrail conspiracy is a belief that there are chemical remains that are found in the atmosphere majorly left by the planes that emit gases and exhaust as they fly. It is one that has derailed over the years in the minds of the people. The conspiracy has even found itself into the functioning of the government. The Chemtrail theory began in the past when trials were being made to try and calculate the effect certain gases had on the environment. Therefore, the famous, including the contrail, which was the condensation trials came to existence as a form of trying to handle how the atmosphere connects to humanity. Normally, contrails are expected to dissipate quickly. However, the current contrails happen to last longer than expected in the atmosphere. Therefore it just means that the content of the contrails has changed. If it does not get dissipated faster, it lingers more in the air, increasing the chances that the effects will be direr. Oliver, J. E., & Wood, T. J in their article "Conspiracy theories and the paranoid style (s) of mass opinion." try to prove that as much as the effects cannot be seen at hand, the ability of it to have other factors attached to it, is what makes it harder to understand. It is also the reason why so many things seem to be still happening yet go unnoticed. William Thomas is among the many investigative journalists who were able to argue that the chemtrails being different from the normal contrails which were less dense, affect the environment more and cause a more significant effect. However, they received so much negative feedback from the officials that their theory was not listened to. This conspiracy dates back to the Greek issues where the economic onset set the industrialization just like any other growing economy. An article by Bakalaki in (2016). Chemtrails, crisis, and loss in an interconnected world. Visual Anthropology Review showed that the effects spread to the financial state and the general world view of the Greeks. It has even been likened to the maintenance of a ship. If the polishing of the deck is given more priority to the bottom, the vessel will eventually collapse. Several claims have been the bedrock of this theory. Most of them happen to be casual instances that have not been considered in a while but are harmful.

Underlying instances that support the Chemtrail conspiracy[edit]

Aircraft exhaust[edit]

Aircraft make use of fuel, which is then released into the atmosphere as exhaust. There is proof that planes usually get to a point where they release excess gas to be able to handle safe flying or even landing. It is no secret; however, people should understand that it highly motivates the fear of the erosion of the atmosphere through the chemical components present in the jet fuel. Several planes have been noted to have more than the expected exhaust begging the question, what are the other ones made of. Apart from the exhaust which is believed to be contrail, the other gases that are being released are the chemical pollutions that eventually cause a problem in the atmosphere. U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of H.R. 2977 (107th), presented the Space Preservation Act of 2001 that would have permanently prohibited the basing of weapons in space. This is because chemtrails are one of several "exotic weapons" that would be banned yet are being released. This proves that it is something that the government is aware but chooses to ignore. Many reasons have been invented and reported to be the cause of such a happening. Others claim it is just hoax while we know that it is happening. The government should be in a position to accept that it is there. Therefore, they then should come up with reliable measures that would prove that it is working progress at all times. This will allow the citizens also to accept that they are being thought of. Martial demonstration. In the past, army troops would use specific explosives that emit black smoke. They were used as defense mechanisms during the war to form some form of invisibility against their attackers. This would then give them an advantage point. However, it also denied them the chance of having the first attack because they would also be fighting blind. This same tactic is being used for various purposes. During national holidays they are flown, as a form of identification and proof of their working. More so, when a new team has just been enrolled. It is a moment for them to showcase their prowess and their ability. It is also used for entertainment purposes where artistic pilots can fly the plane, creating shapes or images in the air. There are even companies that offer such services. It is, however, an exact action that not all people are allowed to run it. This is mainly used by the affluent people in society or people who like making statements for themselves. As much as it is impressive, the fumes that are released are not eco-friendly. The chemicals that are used to create them, more often than not, do not disappear in the air but gets absorbed into the atmosphere. Just like the industrial emits that are released from industries, therefore, destroying the ozone layer increasing the levels of global warming.

Agricultural chemical treatments[edit]

There has been a growing rate of agricultural practices done on a large scale. The modernization of almost everything has also boosted the functioning of such practices. Technology has been highly introduced with the aim of improving the quality and reducing the amount of labor that is being offered in the labor fields. Therefore, large tracts of land are usually controlled by aircraft that have been fitted with a particular container that allows them to spray pesticides over a large piece of land in a short time. These chemicals are usually sprayed over the plants. Then a subsequent plane flies spraying clean water which washes the substances from the leaves into the soil. Such a practice is, however, not viable to areas that are close to human settlement. Reason being, the chemicals usually end up getting blown to their compounds and the air that they breathe. The effective rate of such a practice in most times is often 80 % with the remaining 20% creating a significant effect on the people who surround it or are involved in the spraying itself. The chemicals either add up the toxicity of the air, soil, and water, making it not viable for human consumption or corrupts the typical composition of either one of the three making them undependable. It also disrupts the P.H. levels of the soil, which in times, disrupts the average growth of other fundamental human foods like potatoes, kales, and fruits in the homes. That is why you will realize around factories and agricultural firms that make use of aerosols rarely have other plantations around.

Speculations of the conspiracy[edit]

Chemtrail theory has been going on for a while, with people trying to come up with various reasons for it. Such ideas make it easier for people to choose sides. You are either for it or against it. Such reason though is debatable; there is one or two that most people will comfortably relate with. It all depends on your understanding of the issue at hand. Many of them are environmentally based because it is the one component that many people tend to share and make use of all the time. Some of the reasons that people base their bias on are like

Biological or chemical warfare[edit]

Experiments have proven over the years that the evolution of man is still going on. Therefore it is possible to change how man is living right now by altering what we eat and make use of. This is major with the aim of either creating immunity against some disease or maybe restoring a nature that was previously available. Releasing of substances into the atmosphere becomes the easiest way to reach out to large numbers of people within a shorter time and with fewer amounts of resources. However, this also opens up the system to release poisonous gases corrupting the atmosphere which endangers the people more. Population control. The release of the chemicals creates a bad state that affects the everyday living of the people. The chemicals present in the fumes has dramatically influenced the mortal rate of the people. It is believed to have stated with the industrialization of the economy then shifted to aircraft. The gases emitted in the air alters the chances we have of healthy living. It raises the affinity to illness that causes ailments like cancer, which eventually reduces the number of people living because many of them will end up dying. It also acts as a form of getting people to move from specific areas into others. If someone who loves farming and has children realizes what is being done to the environment around them, there are higher chances that they will move. It is a strategy to get a specific number of people living in a particular area to a particular time.

Weather Modification[edit]

Global warming has been an issue that people have talked of for many years. There have been numerous solutions that have been thought of to try and determine how to reduce its effects as they feel about the future, aiming for a more significant sustainable development aim in the country. However, mechanization and industrialization are not making it any more comfortable, especially with the chemtrails in question. This is the biggest reason why the weather has over time since changed. Rainy seasons have changed with more significant levels of water in the oceans rising. Many areas are also lacking the amount of clean water is used to receive in the past. The way we were used to it in the past cannot be compared to the present situations. However, the continuous trials that are being made are not making it any better. The remnants of the chemicals in the air and the horizon continue to alter the state of the climate, changing the weather of that place. Regulation of solar radiation. There is a belief that the gases that are being emitted help in thickening the atmosphere reducing the harmful rays that reach the earth from the sun. However, I do not believe that this is a working theory. The capability of the ozone layer to function is not one that can be corrected. Various concepts also work in line with this idea. It includes the SRM (solar radiation management) and SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) concepts that human existences happen to depend on right now. Geoengineering is the most common form where alterations are made on the earth's surface as a mode of climate change. Therefore, despite peoples various theories, I still believe this Chemtrail theory is to try and alter the extent of radiation that hits a place at a time. The government's power allows it to have prowess over it but still opts to overlook the idea. It only shows that they are working as part of this conspiracy either for political reasons or for personal purposes. Similarly to the environment, if chemtrails are not reduced or adequately handled the society will suffer eventually. The power that the environment carries is strong enough to break or build the economy and the population at large.


Despite the constant claims by the government, it is quite clear that such remnants are intentionally left there and the consequences not followed up. Chemtrails have effects that even the government does now want to accept. It is such negligence and assumption that continues to degrade the living standards in society today. Many people have tried to refute this claim. However, what they lack is openness to the fact that it is a possibility and with the changes in society, it is more adverse than you would think.

This article needs help! It lacks details that are required to give full understanding to readers. Be bold and edit this page!