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The basic function of CDC is to test the vaccines, promote the vaccines, and make sure it’s safe spread and usage in the society. Vaccines are the biggest things to be sold in the medicine market and now the business has reached globally to billions and billions of dollars. Just with the rapid fast increase in the business, many conspiracy theories against CDC started to erupt as people think CDC has no concern regarding safety of the vaccines even though it should be the utmost concern of the CDC.

What Is CDC And How Does It Work?[edit]

CDC is basically abbreviation of Center of Disease Control that represents an organization responsible to regulate the safe and proper usage of vaccines. It regulates from USA officially and around 28 of the vaccines being used in the world are owned and tested by CDC. These vaccines are for basic to chronic diseases like from vaccination of flue to the polio vaccine. However, from past some years, many questions have been raised over the work and performance of CDC and that’s known as the Conspiracy Theories related to CDC corruption. This is because vaccinations have become more than just health interest. It has boosted from past few years and now works as one of the bigger businesses in the world while CDC behaves like a bureaucratic agency and now many loopholes have been seen their performance as many conspiracies started about the performance of the institution. Most of the people have questioned many things regarding the CDC and its performance so far.

The List of Conspiracy Theories about CDC[edit]

  • CDC Worked Inappropriately Over Past Two Decades: A study based on the twenty five years performance of CDC elaborated a pattern of dishonesty and corruption of the Center of Disease Control. In the study, it has been seen that CDC has not worked properly and in the up-to-the-mark way. The institute spent more time in making money than checking the actual worth of vaccines. Now, the Children Health Defense wants to take bake the license of vaccine safety from the Center of Disease Control because they haven’t worked properly. The document was found by FOIA (freedom of information act).
  • Hepatitis B Vaccinations Have Traces of Neurological Disorders including Autism:

Another study offered by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the Chairman of Children’s Health Defense states about a report, conducted by Thomas Verstraeten. He was the in-house researcher by CDC who studied vaccinated and unvaccinated patients to found the traces of autism in the vaccines related to Hepatitis B. Not only autism traces but many other neurological injuries were also traced. CDC tried to pressurize its workers and researchers for publishing studies however somehow many results were out in which CDC has been found culprit of corruption.

Involvement of Government and Other Organizations in CDC Corruption[edit]

  • IOM’s Toxic and Biased Reporting:

Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine formerly known as IOM or the institute of medicine, is a private organization that offers paid reports regarding working of vaccinations. The institute gets payment for its reports form Federal Agencies. The top payer of the reports is CDC. Although Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine organization claims to propose independent reports, still there are big questions on its performance have been raised by Children’s Health Defense organization. In so many reports the results and hypothesis offered are doesn’t look neutral as they have a biased-bend in the side of CDC.

  • CDC and Governmental Partners Fudged Vaccines: In 2000, a secret meeting had been called to review the risks of vaccines containing thimerosal. In this meeting more than 50 experts from different organizations including CDC, FDA, international and national public health agencies, and companies selling vaccine were called. The meeting was aimed to discuss and prohibit the theoretical concerns regarding vaccines containing thimerosal. There were many wrong results found in the meeting. To control this, CDC called simultaneous meetings and in each next meeting it eliminated the past negative results about the vaccines. However, reports were offered by the freedom of information act that questioned the performance of CDC and legitimacy of results originated from the meetings conducted by center of disease control.


CDC is not the alone organization involved in corruption as many conspiracy theories also erupted regarding the involvement of government in this regard. Reports show that government officials have tried to trick the public by offering falsified satisfactory views on the performance of CDC. Many studies have been rejected in which vaccinations owned by CDC were found having mutation of ingredients that can cause neurological damages among the users.


Vaccines have become more like a business and by money people and organizations have been bought. They offer all those based and falsified results that they are asked to prosed. Many people have stood against the work of CDC and offered reports that show CDC’s involvement in corruption. The top organization to offer CDC conspiracies of corruption is Children Health Defense organization. They have found that CDC is not alone in this corruption as many governmental, private, and non-profit organizations are also involved. The organization demands to take back the right to test vaccines from CDC.

Reaction of American and World[edit]

Well, in the age of internet nothing remains hidden and when many reports proposed simultaneously that questioned the performance of CDC and their vaccines, the comment spread like fire. American and world public are also concerned now regarding the health of their kids who are being vaccinated. We have seen many countries and stated in which people refused to vaccinate their kids. They said that they don’t want their kids to adopt neurological injuries. However, without these vaccinations, many chronic diseases can erupt. WHO, UNICEF, and UN need to come forward and resolve the issue and conflicts regarding Vaccinations. This is necessary to live on the planet safely and to kill the chronic viruses on permanent basis.