Cancer Cure Suppression

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The theory is that cancer is just one big multi- billion industry and the cure for the disease is already found but the cure deals with cancer so well that it will destroy the industry. The governments and the big pharmaceutical companies decided to keep the cure from us so that the industry can keep on thriving and they can make billions. Most people believe that there is no cancer but some of us do believe that the cure is there and it is probably locked in a vault in Greenland that only Hilary Clinton has key to open. This theory might not be as illogical as some of you might be attempted to think. A study that was conducted in 2007 about this conspiracy theory had shocking results. Over 27 percent of people interviewed agreed that the cure of cancer is there and it is only being hidden from us. This popularity of the theory led to confusion, mistrust, and misunderstanding of scientists and psychological researchers.

Why are so many people saying that there is a cancer cure conspiracy theory?[edit]

Every person is different and is entitled to his or her own opinion. The number of people that are saying there is a cure for cancer is very big and I believe too many people can’t believe something just out of the blue. Some will say it is because the internet is the home of conspiracy theory, but can such a big number believe something just coz they read it from a website? There must be something that is not adding up and that’s why so many people believe that there is a cure for cancer.

Who are the conspirators hiding the cure of cancer?[edit]

A patient living with cancer can be treated for years, use a lot of money and nothing seems to change. Different chemotherapies offers some consolation but nothing much towards the healing of the patient. One patient might end up using up to 200,000 dollars just trying live. Think of all the money that the pharmaceutical companies will make from the people having cancer. If they release the cure and the patient get cured, then it means that the business will go down. We live in a cruel but this companies might still have a valid reason as to why to hide the cure. Maybe it is a plot for a bigger project. The world is already overpopulated and if cancer can help solve this debacle, maybe it’s one of the reason they decided to hide the cure.

The money angle[edit]

Let us be real, for how many years does a person with cancer live? Probably for years and can live longer if he or she continues to get “treatment.” a lot of people all over the world pays thousands of dollar to get to the treatment and they continue to pay until they die. Think of all the money the pharmaceutical companies will have collected just from a single individual. Even if they are not immune to cancer and their families are not immune to this deadly disease, it does not mean that they can use the treatment to treat their loved ones. It is like a cartel, few people have to die for the long term benefit. Keeping in mind that we all die, the world leaders and the big pharma will be willing to die with this secret. Why try to get treated and ruin the masterplan and cost the big pharma and the governments a lot of money? They have to make it look real, in a way that you might be attempted to think that this is all a cooked up story. But the fact is the cure is there and they are just hiding it from us. Justification that the cancer cure does not really exist.

The most compelling reason that the big pharma and the governments try to give to us is that there are different types of cancer and so there could never be a single cure for cancer once and for all. To some extent this might be true. Cancer is a combination of hundreds of diseases and they are caused by different causes. Maybe they might not be having the cure for all the cancers but what if they have the cure for some of the fatal ones? Other justifications are that the governments are working so hard to fund cancer cure researches and development of drugs that can help people get affordable treatments of cancer. But have you noticed that the rates of people having cancer are going up from year to year? Why? We need to ask ourselves some questions before we believe if truly this efforts are genuine. The big investments and researches might be just a way to make us think that the big pharma and the governments are really trying their best to deal with this ordeal. But what if it’s just another thing to make us turn the other way? I mean if the cure has been always been there and the governments and the big pharma has always been hiding it from us then by now they have made billions. What is a little investment if it will keep us looking the other way? All the justification are not enough and this war of cancer might just be a fraud to make us look the other way.


There is a very big possibility that the cure of cancer already exists and the government plus the big pharma are lying to us because of different reasons. The fact that the governments are putting so much efforts in the fight against cancer does not justify that there is no cure. There are still many questions that are still unanswered and that’s why the number of people who believe this cure exist is very high.