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The British Royal Family consists of Queen Elizabeth II together with her close relations. The current royal family includes the monarch, the previous monarch, all the children and the male-line grandchildren of the former and current monarch, the children belonging to the oldest son of Prince of Wales as well as all current or widowed spouses.

Queen Elizabeth II has the backing of the entire British royal family in all duties of her state and the nation. Every year the family engages in more than 2,000 official meetings all over the world and the entire United Kingdom.

Corruption is defined as the abuse of any public office for personal advancement; it is quite unfortunate that the British Royal family is not left behind. It can be said with certainty that the royal family takes over a public office since all the formal positions that exist are included in the constitution of Britain; all the positions are also publicly funded. The Acts of parliament create all the positions and the taxpayer's fund every position even if they are the first or whichever position in line to the throne.

There is a lot of evidence that portrays how the British royal family intentionally and periodically abuses positions of power for their own gain. A closer look at how taxpayers’ money is spent shows how it haphazardly goes out to several private travels, round the clock personnel and security staff, fashion, and palatial homes. According to reports, misuse of taxpayers’ money and public funds takes place on a grand scale and is even a more serious scandal than the 334 million Euros yearly bill put aside for the republic’s royal expenses.

Moreover, the royal family takes advantage of their special secrecy to put pressure on quite a number of government ministers for the purposes of promoting their own agenda or pushing for their own interests. It is common knowledge that some members of the British royal family like Prince William and Prince Charles have quite often written to ministers to have frequent meetings together, not forgetting that other government officials get involved too.

A prime example of such pressure was evident after the changes made to the Freedom of Information Act; the modifications were a result of the influence from the royals to increase secrecy. This move allowed them to boost their funding by means of the sovereign grant. Reports from the republic’s royal secrets show how serious the matter is, with untouchable royals influencing ministers in complete secrecy.

Both Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth voluntarily pay tax although the exact amount of what the Queen pays is not known. Despite that, secret deals are normally done between the government and the palace with the main objective of avoiding payment of tax. Members of Parliament have been on record saying that the royals should pay tax but for Prince Charles, his booming business enterprise known as the duchy of Cornwall still avoids paying tax.

In addition, the royal family keeps millions of official documents hidden in the Royal archives while these documents are supposed to be in the national archives and remain open for public scrutiny. Following this incident, the republic initiated the royal archives campaign, ordering all historic records to be availed to the public.

For many years until now, there are quite a number of reasons why most people have been on the forefront advocating for freedom of information and government transparency. First of all, most of the Members of Parliament have been involved with numerous scandals that revolve around their expenses but they get a pass all the same because they are covered by official secrecy; more than once they lean towards doing the wrong thing constitutionally thanks to official secrecy. The royals on their part have considerable connections with government ministers, public money, and every opportunity to meddle with affairs but they also get a pass from the Royal archive secrecy and freedom of Information laws.

In addition to the misuse of public position for personal benefits, monarchy should be the other definition of corruption. Royals quickly run to ask for secrecy, which raises questions among many people about what they have to hide. A good reason for secrecy would probably be, if everyone were to see what the royal family was up to, it would bring the end to the monarchy especially since they know that the public will definitely not like what they will see. Concerning how the royal family controls most of the world affairs, the focus is on the position of the Queen as the leader of the monarchy. Because of her right to rule, all the people of Britain are not considered citizens but her subjects. When all public servants have to swear an oath of loyalty, they are confirming their loyalty to the crown. Besides all these, the Queen has the power to declare war and sign treaties some of which has changed the course of the world. She can do that despite being politically neutral.

The influence of the British royal family goes beyond the Queen. According to the Royal.The UK, her close family has thousands of official engagements all over the world. For instance, in 2018, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex took up their royal tour through Australia, Tonga, New Zealand, and Fiji for 16 days with engagements adding up to 76. At around that period, Prince Charles along with the Duchess of Cornwall had a four-day royal trip in West Africa. Nevertheless, to have official duties in most foreign countries, the qualification is being a member of the Queen’s close family; her cousins and their spouses, children, and grandchildren with their spouses.