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What is the Bigfoot conspiracy theory instructions This world is full of strange things. There are many places and area that are still untouched by humans. We don’t know when we reached there, what kind of surprise we will get there. If we talk about the place we are living, it is also full of surprises, and many jungles are wide enough that it is impossible for a person to cross it. There are many animals and mysterious things that people claim to watch but they can’t find any clue to explain the thing. Same in the case of Bigfoot, people of north California find footprints of 16 inches big from the average size of the man. This news spread quickly and many conspiracies often start to circulate the world. Many people claim they saw a man like the giant in the jungle, they find the footprints are almost the same as the people tell about Bigfoot. This creature has many names like Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and yeti, etc. In 1894, a photo circulates in the news that shows the old picture of the Bigfoot, comes from Canada. The photo also seemed in the early months of 1982, it is as written in the Bigfoot Casebook that is by Janet Bord and Colin. This conspiracy is still present after many years but people cover up with different theories. The photo was showed that a Bigfoot laying down on the snow and it looks like he is dead or sleeping. His face does not clear because of too much hairy. There are also some buildings and fence area can be seen but the thing is the foot of the Yeti was not shown in the picture. So, the mystery of Bigfoot is still unsolved. Cryptozoology: This types of mysterious creatures are included in cryptozoology and in future, if they find Bigfoot alive, the research and study of it will be done under cryptozoology because it is the branch of science who deal with unknown or out of time or place animals. Bigfoot is also add in the list of Cryptids, most of all in the list are still unknown or having no other clue for research.

Let’s know more about this conspiracy. 

The Story Behind the Photo: The photo finds in 1984 was original get form the mountain men and other trappers who later shot him and take his dead picture. It is not enough but the picture has writing behind the picture. According to the picture, the shooter wrote these words: “The Year 1894 Yalikom River Around Lilliott B.C. Forestry-Hudson bay Co.” The picture was stolen by one of these men who took the picture and later sent it for the forestry records. No one knows the name of the person but he did a great job otherwise, there is no picture of Bigfoot but this picture also gets many criticisms as well. For example, why the person never sends more pictures to prove the first picture is real? Or where are the bodies of these creatures if people shot them? Many other questions are arising after hearing such conspiracies. A Cover-up: This is tremendously intriguing data that confirms the present suspect for a long time. Till now, there are many Proofs and documents against Bigfoot but the reality is, no one can is succeeded to saw this creature to very close. A person named Holiday is claimed to have many pictures of Bigfoot and his pictures were stolen by the Hudson's Bay Company. The numbers of the pictures are still unknown that was taken by different people and different areas. Where is All the Evidence? If we talk about the evidence, they are different from different people. If the pictures were taken in late 19s then why they never show it openly to the public or authorities for more research? The company named the Hudson's Bay Company; they have practical experience of such creatures. The company keeps the bodies and hides of such creature safely and protectively. I have normally said in answer to these inquiries that one doesn't see a single dead body of any animal when walking throughout on the Mountains or any other wherein Northwest. Even though these creatures are known to exist, one once in a while observes them at all and never a dead one simply lying there in the backwoods. The body would just be there for a couple of hours, days or weeks, and numerous creatures that are going to kick the bucket (of seniority or malady) go off someplace exceptionally out of sight the way. On account of this photograph, some portion of an arrangement obviously, an expert picture taker more likely than not been included. Photography, as of not long ago, was costly and uncommon; it required proficient picture takers with costly, overwhelming gear. Having a photo taken in 1894 was a major ordeal, glass plate photography being very tedious for every individual photograph. Taking such photographs in the wild would have been a serious undertaking. Photography for the regular man took numerous decades to reach even the Kodak Brownie and Instamatic times of the 1940s and 1960s. At that point, at last, basic society could have a straightforward camera with them to take photographs when they were on long outdoors treks and climbs in remote mountain zones. Conclusion: Bigfoot is real or not, there are different conspiracies theories that people tell to others or even publish in news as well. the fact is, there is no living proof of such giant that have the foot of 16 inches or more but still news arises from all over the world. The number of pictures is unknown but these pictures are not enough to accept that Bigfoot is a real creature or it just a big size gorilla because people picturized it like a big gorilla. So, there is no evidence of Bigfoot because there is no clear picture or video find since.