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The Big Pharma conspiracy is centered around the blatant denial from pharmaceutical companies that cures for most diseases have been discovered. They deny this and hide it from the general public because it means that with rising cases and frequencies of serious diseases (like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes) they stand to make more money from the treatment of these diseases than they would from curing their patients of them. This conspiracy is supported by virtually all governments as they force vaccinations, water fluoridation, weather manipulation, and pesticide use upon the population. With rising use of toxins in the goods and services we use every day – many of which are mandated by laws – more people get sick. There is strong evidence that corrupt government organizations and the figures from within the New World Order receive substantial bribes by big pharma companies to push through laws that increase our exposure to harmful chemicals.


Conspiracies of this nature have been ongoing since the introduction of human well-being services in ancient times. Witchdoctors and medicine men the world over have been caught lying about the condition of patients to continue to treat them for added profit and recognition. With the continued progress of mankind through the millennia, more and more opportunities have arisen for large corporations to take advantage of the sheep. The human species has an ancient and strong relationship with drugs and pharmaceuticals. Researchers from multiple universities have discovered that early forms of drugs were used in the stone age by native Caribbean peoples. In 1796, after Edward Jenner “developed” the first vaccine, the age of synthetic treatments and chemical medicine was ushered in. This opened the door to force all kinds of harmful toxins into our bloodstreams through hypodermic needles, as often is mandated by laws. Vaccines, vitamins, insulin, minerals, and a wide assortment of antibiotics, viral steroids, and beauty treatments are all available and require little more than a visit to your general practitioner. Undergoing pharmaceutical manipulation has become increasingly easy over the decades and has reached a near pandemic magnitude. Each “treatment” a person receives is another payment that flows into the coffers of big pharma companies and an opportunity to slip us more toxins, which will only make us all sicker. The goal for them is to keep us sick, but alive for as long as possible. That is why life expectancies have risen significantly in the synthetic age, but illness rates have risen even faster. They keep us just alive enough to keep paying.

Grigori Rasputin and Alexei Nikolaevich[edit]

A very well know case of this can be seen in the interactions between Grigori Rasputin and Alexei Nikolaevich, the Tsarevich of Russia in the early 1900s. On several occasions, Rasputin was called to the royal estate to heal Alexei, who seemed to be suffering from a serious case of hemophilia. Rasputin was credited with bringing him back from the brink of death on several occasions and as a result, was able to win esteem, money, and widely speculated sexual attention from Alexei’s mother Alexandra Feodorovna, the Empress of Russia. Grigori Rasputin was clearly able to cure Alexei but held back doing so and treated him just enough to continue to feed off Alexei’s family in any way he could. While the cure Rasputin discovered has been lost to the public, there can be no doubt that the cure does exist and that if others do indeed know it, it is being kept from humanity in order to squeeze us for as much profit as possible.


The implications of this conspiracy are ever-present and wide reaching. Consider the opportunities for a company that created treatments to “improve the lives” if it’s patients. These companies charge money for treatments and as a natural result, are incentivized to make people sick with the diseases they treat. Each sick person is like a giant bag of money, ready to be collected by anyone offering a treatment for their ailment. This social model also incentivizes the creation of new diseases - created in laboratories and through genetic mutation – to introduce new sicknesses into a population. There is tremendous evidence that these synthetic diseases are prolific and increasing at alarming rates. Numerous conspiracies have been unearthed including the origins HIV, the explosion of depression rates, and the exponential growth of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Disease Mongering[edit]

Many Big Pharma companies also pay for and promote studies that paint common, every-day experiences like stomach aches, hyperactivity, boredom, sadness, and even elation as diseases. You can be sure that each of these studies is paid for and supported by pharma companies that conveniently sell drugs to treat such “illnesses”. They redefine common things like these as diseases and then manufacture drugs that treat these symptoms. They’ll never offer to cure boredom, but they will sell you a drug to help you treat it for the rest of your life.

Pharma Pedaling[edit]

It is well documented and there have been numerous court cases covering the illegal selling tactics used by reps from big pharma companies. Salesmen from companies like Merck, Pfizer, and Celgene have been caught bribing doctors, politician and institutions to approve and sell drugs regardless of hosts of negative side effects and harmful downsides.

GlaxoSmithKline Fraud Charge[edit]

In 2012, the major pharma company GlaxoSmithKline was ordered to pay 3 billion dollars in a fraud charge settlement after pleading guilty to criminal charges. They were caught bribing doctors and misrepresenting the facts concerning the safety of drugs like Wellbutrin. Additionally, they were charged with suppressing unfavorable studies concerning one of their flagship products, Avandia. Avandia is a diabetic medication used to increase sensitivity to insulin. It also created significant risk of heart disease. They were caught trying to induce heart disease into patients who were already taking medication for diabetes. This case is a prime example of the Big Pharma conspiracy. Rather than cure patients of diabetes, they sell them insulin and drugs like Avandia to treat them their entire lives for a disease which surely has a cure, yet it is covered up. Concurrently, through a drug their patients are already taking, they also give them heart disease, an illness which they conveniently sell medication to treat. They don’t sell a cure for heart disease, just medication to treat it. Through an intricate network of medications, agencies, politicians, and drugs, they have been able to add numerous diseases and illnesses to their portfolio.

Known conspiracies involving Big Pharma companies[edit]

  • Cancer Cure Suppression. This conspiracy centers around the fact tat numerous treatments and natural medicines have been found to completely eradicate all cancers, but big pharma companies bury them to continue making money off of treating sick patients.
  • HIV/AIDS conspiracy. This conspiracy is complicated, and little is known about it. It is well known and proven however that various governmental organizations have purposefully spread this infectious disease amongst undesirable populations to murder them and increase the power of rich, New World Order operatives.
  • Water Fluoridation. Municipal governments in virtually every western civilization purposefully add fluoride to the drinking water supply to make us sick and complacent. While complacency is not the higher aim of big pharma companies, it does promote a brotherhood of conspirators with varied yet sinister aims of profit and population control.
  • Frequency Based Technologies. High frequency radiations, like those behind 5G cellular technology increase the incidence of cancers, mutations, and tumors in the human body. Government mandated programs which increase our exposure to radiation and its toxic effect are prevalent.


An individual’s primary source of power against big pharma companies is research. Knowing what tactics big pharma companies use to gain power over the population through sickness is the first step to recognizing your own power against it. Additionally, you can explore alternative medicines and healing techniques, mental health wellness, spiritual healing, and other non-chemical methods of wellbeing.