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The baby milk formula conspiracy focuses on the perfected claim of popular breast mill formula companies to be the ultimate replacement of natural breast milk for nursing mothers, thereby pushing their replacement breast milk formula to less developed countries, targeting it poor citizens The importance of mother’s breast milk being the most important aspects of infant life was cast aside. These companies made it seem that their infant formula is almost as good as a nursing mother’s breast milk, an unethical and completely wrong idea in the bid to push up the sales of their products.


The popular condensed milk was developed by Gail Borden in the United State in the 1850s for feeding the civil war troops. These canned condensed milk proved invaluable as a military ration as a result of its nutritious, portable and long lasting storage provision. It was generally a much needed product of the people around these time as result of the need to preserve excess fresh milk and store for future usage. As a result of the long chain of the supply of fresh milk which will ultimately result into spoilt milk, Gail’s inventory instantly became a success and generally accepted.


The production of the first condensed milk came to place and this new discovery was praised and accepted to be good and long lasting. After Gail’s discovery of the first ever condensed milk, further formulations and inclusive discoveries surface. These discoveries championed the production of food into condensed state or powdery solutions. Among these many inventories is the milk based baby food with the promise and certainty of completely replacing the natural breast milk of nursing mothers.

These inventors claimed that their product was necessary as a result of mother’s inability to produce adequate milk for the baby child, babies’ inability to get the necessary amount of milk needed from the mother as well as the need to reduce infant mortality as a result of inadequate production breast milk. The assertion for the need to hasten the weaning processes of a baby child was fashioned and publicized by this breast milk formula company which of course is another conspiracy of maximizing sales and pushing up profit. These companies claim that their baby formula is the ultimate solution and replacement of natural breast milk and like every mother’s breast milk, the baby’s tiny stomach won’t notice the differences. These products was also claimed to also provide the baby child the necessary nutrient and antibodies just as the natural breast milk would provide a baby. These aggressive campaign has no other intention but for the sole purpose of pushing sales and increasing their income on profits.

Ironically, these products comes in powdery form and need to be adequately mixed with certain amount of water due giving raise to the need of a pure and clean drinking water. These companies major market and targets are the poor and less develop countries, they at the same time ignore the lack of clean water to mix their acclaimed perfect formulation as well as paying little or no attention to the issue of language barrier/diversity and the need for consumers to adequately understand or comprehend the listed formulation and process of making the alternative baby solution. The concern for a proper formulation of the formula and the health complications a baby child will be exposed to should the formula be process with dirty water are knowingly ignored. These formula does not only interfere with the natural lactation process but can also cause greater health issues as a result of poor hygiene or process of formulation.

The biggest conspiracy is how these companies hide under a humanitarian guise in order to gather up huge returns on their products. They offer free formulas for hospitals and maternity homes which are no longer free the very moment the nursing mother and her baby steps outside her ward. These individual’s ends spending huge amount procuring these products because the supplementation must have interfered with the baby’s lactation.


The only major solution and power against the breast milk formula company is an endless campaign of the importance of the natural breast milk as the only complete food for an infant. The breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants, easily digested than any formula and containing the necessary antibodies that helps baby fight off virus and bacteria. Natural breast milk lowers baby risk of having asthma or any allergies, also containing a perfect mix of right vitamins, protein, fat and everything a baby needs for a perfect growth and development.

Babies that are adequately feed natural breast milk for a period of about 6 month are less likely to develop ear infection, respiratory issues and are generally reduced the need to visit a doctor for any illness whatsoever.

Apart from the fact that natural breast milk increases the bond between the mother and her child as a result of the physical closeness, eye contact and skin-to-skin closeness, breastfeeding has been linked to higher IQ development. The benefit of breastfeeding on the part of nursing mothers is the fact the breastfeeding process helps to break down excess calories as well as help loosen pregnancy weight faster. Unlike the many breast milk formula that comes with its various price tags, the natural breast milk is completely cost free as well as save nursing mother the need to spend on hospital bills. With natural breast milk, there is never a need for a last minute rush to the store. The breast milk is always available and fresh whether at home or work place. The importance of the natural breast milk can never be over emphasized because it is all a child needs to develop in every aspect of growth.

Another stance of these resistance is the need to provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding by banning advert of any breast milk substitute or replacement marketed for children under 6 month of age. The mass media has huge impact on nursing mothers as new ideas are gotten from the various media of communication, the formula company thus target these set of mothers through the endless advert of their product. Therefore the need for a natural breast milk campaign is necessary on and off air to promote the need and importance of breast milk.