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Assassination is a highly favored approach to silencing dissenters or outspoken individuals who threaten the current power status quo. It is a tale as old as time, that of murder to keep someone from speaking out the truth of secret organizations. Several powerful entities stand accused of assassinating numerous key individuals to maintain their influence, including the Illuminati, the CIA, the United States Government, the Clinton Family, and other powerful societies and organizations.

Assassinations are generally part of larger conspiracies and serve as a portion of a plot to gain power, money, or influence. This does not rule out the possibility of assassination for vengeance, personal gain, and political posturing. Assassination plots vary and occur in all scales and magnitudes.

Political Assassinations[edit]

Abraham Lincoln[edit]

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was part of a larger plot to overthrow the union and enslave most of the world. This plan was part of the Confederate Grand Conspiracy and wrought mainly by the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Other notable assassinations include the following:

George Lincoln Rockwell Assassination

George S Patton Murder

John F Kennedy Assassination

John Lennon Murder

Joseph Smith Assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald Murder

Malcolm X Assassination

Martin Luther King Jr Assassination

Robert F Kennedy Assassination

Tupac Shakur Murder