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Located in the northwest of Las Vegas in the south of Nevada, Area 51 is a top-secret United States military installation. It was initially acquired in 1955 by the U.S Air force for the purpose of testing the flight of the Lockheed U-2 Aircraft. With the main objective of attracting more people to begin testing this aircraft, which was used as a spy plane, the location was originally named Paradise Ranch. The beatific alias resulted in the creation of a more catchy, cryptic code name- Area 51. The number used was chosen because it refers to the grid the base is located on. The maps used that date to the 1960s clearly show the area surrounding this base is known as area 51. There is also Area 13, named because of the stretch of land it occupies that is located on the north, which is used as a nuclear testing site. Even though this base has been historically used for military purposes such as development and testing of wapons, today, the purpose of this base has not been revealed to the public and as a result of the intense secrecy surrounding it; it is one of the major subjects of conspiracy theories.

On 13 July 2019, more than half a million people signed up an event- "storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All Of Us"- in a quest to see the aliens kept in the base. The event that has been scheduled for September 2019 and planned on Facebook invites people from all over the world to join a "Naruto Run" which is a running style inspired by a Japanese manga who runs with his head down and arms stretched backward, to storm this area. Though this September event may seem a tongue in cheek affair, it comes just a few weeks after the briefing to some US senators about reported encounters of an unidentified flying object by the US navy.

Since no one has a clear view of what happens in Area 51, it would be normal to speculate that the base is actually the logical place for the location of MJ-12 or the Majestic 12. This is the codename for an organization that appears in numerous UFO theories and is confirmed to have a secret committee made up of government officials, top scientists, and military leaders. The MJ-12 is believed to have been busy in the shadows for more than 5 decades, working on ways to have a one-world government where the entire would be ruled by a human and extraterrestrial nonpareil. This organization may have been founded after the crash of an alien spacecraft in 1947 near Rosewell, New Mexico. The MJ-12 then made contacts with the aliens and had a meeting that included President Harry Truman. This meeting resulted in signing a deal, in which the US gets extraterrestrial technology in exchange for aliens carrying out human abductions. This is, therefore, the perfect site for the secret one-world government.

Neil Armstrong is known as the first man to land on the moon. However, how would it be possible to send the team of astronauts, Neil, and his partner Buzz Aldrin to the moon while the risks of radiation were high? The NASA team had worked for years on this project and shutting, it down because of the risks would be highly inefficient and embarrassing, the official decided to stage the rocket launch and once the spacecraft was out of sights, and the two astronauts were transferred to a movie stage. A couple of days passed and the Neil and Buzz acted the lunar landing, which was transmitted to the millions of anticipating fans. What a better place to do this without creating attention if not on Area 51 and not on Hollywood so as to lower the risks of the political catastrophe that would erupt if the deception had come out!

The Las Vegas Tourism Bureau's official Area 51 page attracts tourists to the area by mentioning that it is "rumored" that weather control experimentation happens there. Well, weather-control is not something new to the US government. The Project Cirrus that was done in the 1940s and early 1950s was carried out to find a way to modify the clouds and create or prevent rain, as a weapon. Government scientists may be definitely using this highly classified site to manipulate the atmosphere by developing a weather-controlling weapon, which would be very possible with the technology and help from the captured aliens.

The area 51 base can also be a mind-controlling strategy- a red herring-to shift our focus from what is really going on in the government. There is an alien statue that stands guard along the Nevada highway just near the Area 51 base. This was, without doubt, put up by the government to make us think that there is alien control within the base, perhaps laboratories set up to breed a race of human-alien hybrids. These hybrids would look exactly like humans but possess the cognitive and psychic abilities and social cohesion of the aliens so that it would be nearly impossible to differentiate them from humans, thus making better leaders for the New World order. We might be focusing on this possibility yet the government moved its secret research long ago to an even more remote place and simply drops "hints" to keep us all looking in the wrong place. The UFO crashes on the American soil may also be a propaganda operation to divert attention from the actual weapons and experimental spy craft that the government was creating at that time.

Since we do not really know what is happening within this secret location and the truth has been kept from us for several decades, it would be fair to believe that whatever is being carried on at this base is not something beneficial to the human race, and that we need to do more probing so as to know what we really need to know.