Alternative Therapy Suppression

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Big Pharma is the name used to describe the global pharmaceutical industry as a whole. For quite some time now, the name is associated with corruption in the pharmaceutical industry especially following its involvement with NGOs, physicians, politicians, and regulators. Notably, Big Pharma is the mastermind of alternative therapy suppression.

There are several all-natural cures for some diseases which have plagued humankind for many decades like Cancer, AIDS, lupus, obesity, arthritis, depression, herpes, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, acid reflux disease, muscular dystrophy, various phobias, and attention deficit disorder. However, all the known cures are intentionally suppressed and completely hidden from public knowledge by the Federal Trade Commission, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) together with other large corporations dealing with food and drug. It is evident that the FDA and Big Pharma work hand in hand to promote alternative therapy suppression.

Big Pharma has for a long time known the cure for cancer but they are suppressing it in order to keep up with acquiring large profits. In addition, the same companies work diligently to slow down any progress in the search for the ultimate cure and other comprehensive cures; they do this by coming up with high-profit treatments which are single-purpose instead of placing their focus on a multidimensional approach for eradicating the disease. Cancer consists of several diseases and is not just one disease as the Big Pharma portrays it to be; a lot of time and effort have been involved in fighting the disease.

Progressively, Big Pharma is currently betting on the latest hoard of cancer drugs, which cost billions to formulate; for only one dose, the same drugs will be sold for several thousands of dollars. Statistics conducted by the Campbell Alliance, a leading healthcare consulting organization, clearly show that by 2010, the sales of every drug on the top 10 cancer medications garnered more than $1 billion. Nevertheless, only two drugs recorded such amounts of sales two decades ago. Those that have been overlooked are very cheap alternatives for instance therapies including Retsky’s or other off-label drugs and generics which have shown some prospects but do not have sufficient profit potential so that drug companies can invest and read more about them.

In 2006, a discovery was made with respect to nevirapine, an antiretroviral drug; the drug was marketed to be helpful by the major players in the pharmaceutical industry but in reality, they were spreading toxic drugs instead. Earlier on during clinical trials, nevirapine was administered unlawfully to quite a number of pregnant women and it, unfortunately, caused many cases of fatalities. Scientists obviously denied all the allegations but the discovery led to AIDS denialism.

Concerning other ailments as well, the United States government also somehow contributes to restricting crucial treatments from the affected people. Many citizens are left with no choice but to look on as the Food and Drug Administration and other pharmaceutical companies focus on and fund innovative therapies and other alleged wonder drugs. Steps are also taken to sanction any further research on helpful medical treatments to the point of imprisoning any inventor and disproving the effects of such alternative medical treatments. Moreover, those involved in demonizing their use do so earnestly.

It is important for the public health system to keep others from very dangerous treatments and to ensure that they are also out of reach of anyone who may be harmed; however, it is always a matter of making more money by keeping the population sick than making them well. It circles back to pharmaceutical organizations and medical firms making inroads to the legislative processes of the government so that eventually, the FDA and Big pharma use this advantage to further their questionable agendas instead of their main job- taking care of the health of all people. They have been compromised and no longer do they stand for public safety like they are supposed to.

An example of cancer treatments that have been wrongfully promoted by corrupt institutions is the use of harmful radiation. Well, previously it was discovered that cyanide was helpful in cancer treatment in the right quantity since large doses of this chemical definitely kill. Researchers were able to prove that certain amounts would kill cancer. In the 1950s, laetrile or vitamin B17 was popular with its small quantity of cyanide. It is true that Vitamin B17 common in bean sprouts, bitter almonds, and apricot kernels have anticarcinogenic properties that are absolutely harmless when ingested with moderation. However, the FDA worked to constrain all types of B17, and up to date, the Vitamin is illegal for the treatment of cancer in the U.S. the alternative they so much approve is bombarding bodies of cancer patients with substantial amounts of radiation.

Another probable effective ant carcinogen is DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) a by-product of the paper manufacturing process. this specific chemical has been highly doubted as a remarkable miracle drug but thousands all over the world admit the gel, even though smelly, can speed up the healing process, lower pains, and even cure cancer. Nevertheless, in the 1960s, the FDA refuted all the ant carcinogenic properties as false leading to years of denunciation of any use of dimethyl sulfoxide for medicinal uses. In 1978 and 1980, the FDA later agreed to use DMSO to treat interstitial cystitis and for veterinary use respectively; but the appreciation given by hundreds to thousands of people about the successful use of DMSO in cancer treatment has been ignored until today. From the look of things, there is no chance that the FDA will approve for the use of the chemical any soon particularly in prescription treatments even though its generic for was allowed by the FDA in 2002. Some users of the drug mention certain side effects like nausea, skin irritation, and loss of vision, but the FDA continues to approve hundreds of worse and unsafe drugs, which are consistently produced and advertised by prominent pharmaceutical organizations.